No Scootin’ Around at Wawa today!

For all you Bush-bashers…

You thought he’d PARDON Scooter Libby.


You were wrong. Sooooooo, so wrong.

Bush COMMUTED him. Not pardoned, commuted.


What a great guy he is.

But here’s the rub, chet…

Granted Scoot doesn’t have to serve any jail time, but he is STILL going to get hit with that kinda-hefty fine and the charge WON’T get taken off his personal record like it would have if he had gotten pardoned (balls!.) Soooooo, when Scoot goes to apply for a job in say, sunny Philadelphia, at maybe Wawa or Rita’s Water Ice to pay off said fine, he’ll still have to say, “yes,” when asked if he’s ever been convicted of a felony.

That’s annoying.

He’ll never get hired at Wawa now.

Bush really should have thought of that.

THE MORAL OF THE STORY: Don’t get mad at Bush for lettin’ Scoot off. Get mad at Bush for screwing up Scoot’s chances of working at Wawa.

The End.

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