Last weekend I went to the Tin Angel

Me. Jay V. The guy who lives in Bristol, works in Princeton, and barely gets to make it into Philadelphia, hung out on both June 23 and June 24 at the Tin Angel! TWO NIGHTS! IN A ROW! Seriously, he should move into the city so he can hang out all the time and not just whenever he’s dragged out of the suburbs kicking and screaming. I mean I s should . . . I hate mentioning my own name, because then I slip into third person. But I digress.

The first night I had gone because Adrienne Hamilton Bevin Caulfield (who also fronts Quintero), Keisha Hutchins, Sue Steen, and of course Jerzy Jung.

And of course Adrienne Hamilton, who is just as much a fan of Philadelphia local musicians as she is a musician.

Of course, clicking on the funny-colored versions of all these ladies will bring you to their MySpace pages for further investigation, if you know what I mean. For a schedule of their next gig,…

Adrienne’s next gig is on August 31st at the Philly Songwriter’s Shuffle at World Cafe Live, where a million and one other awesome singer-songwriters will be performing at a frenetic pace. A fun and exciting and sometimes adventurous time, as I am told.

Bevin is playing next on the Tuesday, July 10th, at Studio Luloo in Haddon Twp, right over the Ben Franklin Bridge in Jersey.

Keisha you will find at the end of the month at the Metropolitan Bakery by 40th & Walnut on July 20th.

Sue Steen, who doesn’t have a gig scheduled any time soon, is keeping busy with her band OutSet, so you can check her out on bass and background vocals at Whiskey Dix on July 14th.

And Jerzy will be playing in a scant few days, on July 8th! But sadly she’ll be in LA for that gig. Maybe the LA Metbloggers can at least go or something, cuz she’s one hot number on the keys and has a voice to die for.

Then again, all these ladies have a voice to die for and are hot numbers in their own ways, if you know what I mean. And what I mean is on the guitar or keyboard.

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