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Anyone found…

Anyone found...

A sign on the back side of the old Sam Eric movie theater (half of which is being converted into an Old Navy as I type). I particularly like the fact that someone replaced the word ‘Prosecuted’ with the word ‘Hugged.’ That’s a sentiment I can get behind.

How do you say “Jury” in Spanish?


So I’ve been called to do my civic duty: in about one month I must report to the Criminal Justice Center for jury selection. Last time I did so, I was empanelled on a jury and was told that my service would exempt me from further notifications for three years.

And three years (almost to the precise DAY!) after I reported in summer 2004, my shiny new jury notice has arrived. And, as I filled out the official “jury eligibility questionnaire” that is a required part of the process, I noticed something that amused me a tiny bit.

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Phillies get pitching & win, but lose two outfielders…

There’s so much going on with the Phillies right now that even Dugan, my sister’s 5 month old Golden Retriever, is wiped out.

But that could also be the humidity. Hard to say.

Last night in Chicago versus the Cubs, the Mighty Cole Hamels pitched 8 innings of 3 hit ball to shut down one of the league’s hottest teams. The Fightin’ Phils won 4-1, also aided by Aaron Rowand and newly acquired 2nd baseman, Tadahito Iguchi homeruns. Fresh of the Disabled List, Brett Myers came in to close the game.

Yet as with most ups with the Phils, there are downs. Both Speedy Shane Victorino and Speedier Michael Bourne went down with injuries, prompting GM Pat Gillick to get back on the phone, only hours after completeing a deal for Reds’ pitcher Kyle Lohse, to find himself a new outfielder.

But all in all, things are good on the home front. The Phils have won 9 out of 10 games and are now in second place in the NL East, trailing the Mets by only 1 1/2 games.

The Braves, now in third place, made a big move yesterday when they traded for Rangers’ first baseman, Mark Texiera. Yet as far as we now, Texiera can’t pitch and therefore will do absolutely nothing to help the battered Braves bullpen.

The Phils are in Chicago both tonight and tomorrow, with Lohse scheduled to make his first start tomorrow night. Lohse is kind of an enigma. His record is 6-12 and he has an ERA almost touching 5.00, but he also had the 3rd worse run support in the National League.

Only time will tell.

No Dutch Festival this year


If you were planning on heading over to Reading Terminal Market next weekend to check out the Dutch Festival, you are going to have to change your plans. The Amish merchants at the Market have decided to cancel the festival this year in protest to the ousting of Rick’s Steaks (if you haven’t been following the news, Rick’s didn’t get a lease renewal this year, and while it looked for a while like they’d be able to stay, word from the Market board is that they are out and Tony Luke’s is in).

I’m saddened by this, as I’ve always look forward to the Dutch Festival. I especially liked it when they’d block off parts of the street and offer horse-drawn wagon rides around the Market. I guess there’s always next year.

Rick’s Steaks owner sues over ouster from market

Headhouse Square Farmers Market


Last Sunday, I finally got over to the new farmers market at Headhouse Square. I’ve been meaning to go since it opened on July 1st, but a collection of family commitments, lazy Sundays and trips out of town prevented me from making it happen. But this Sunday I got up without any plans until 4:30 pm and decided that it was the day to go check out the market everyone has been raving about.

The raves are totally justified. It is an amazing farmers market. There are standings selling just about everything you need. You could totally do a week’s worth of grocery shopping, with the bread, cheeses, meats, produce, dairy and baked goods. The variety is amazing and the prices are fairly competitive. Plus anything you buy there comes with the satisfaction that you are making a purchase directly from the people who grew/raised/baked/produced the food you’re putting into your bag.

If this post turns on your desire to shop at a farmers market, you don’t have to wait until Sunday to do so. There’s one from 10 am until 1 pm today at Rittenhouse Square and another tomorrow up at 36th and Walnut from 10 am to 2 pm. For complete lists of local markets go here and here.

You’re a good balloon, Charlie Brown!

Charlie Brown at Macy's

Parts of my company have moved to the historic Wanamaker Building, so I cut through the shopping area on the ground floor as I leave work. The above is the sight that greeted me walking through Macy’s on Friday afternoon.

This is part of Macy’s Anniversary Celebration, as they have now been in the old John Wanamaker’s for one year.

Local couple communicate via printed M&Ms

I just stumbled across this announcement a little while ago, although it’s several days old. Apparently a Philadelphia couple were chosen by the M&M company to spend an entire month communicating only via messages printed on M&Ms. They wrapped up the month on Wednesday, July 26th and finally got to speak to each other at a ceremony at Franklin Square. It seems sort of crazy to me to be willing to spend 31 days not speaking to your partner, but people will do a lot of $31,000.

Last Monday at the Troc


The last Monday of the month is rapidly approaching. If you’re looking to send July off with a bang, think about checking out Studio Curve Dominant’s last Monday party at the Troc Balcony. The festivities start at 9:30 pm and will feature L-Cast recording artist rapper/producer D-Sharp and former Tuff Crew members Wicked and DJ Black. They’ll be backed by the Curve Dominant Live Squad, Anam Owili-Eger on keyboards, Chris Bryan on drums, Adam Todaro on bass and the man behind Curve Dominant himself, Eric Vincent on electric guitar.

At the Trocadero, 1003 Arch Street. The show is free, but you must be, 21 or over to attend. Drink specials include $2 PBR’s and $3 Yuenglings.

Photo credit: Odhusky

A Friday afternoon round-up of Philly web stuff


Lots of cool things have been happening around Philly in the last week. For me, the coolest thing was that I was on the news on Wednesday night, talking about my Reading Terminal Market project.

Randy Schmidt launched, a website that went from concept to reality in just about 14 hours.

Philadelphia’s own coworking movement, Independents Hall, seems to have found a home. Strawberry Street, here we come!

The last episode of season one of Cheap Dates hits the interwebs. Mark and Audrey head for Manayunk and have fun without spending too much cash.

Junto gets together at Punk Ave for drinks, pizza and a terrific brainstorming session, in an attempt to capture and continue the energy that started at BlogPhiladelphia.

Utley out for 4-6 weeks…

Since last night, I have felt geniunely upset.

It wasn’t the chicken quesdillia at St. Stephen’s Green. That was delicious.

It wasn’t my inability to say hello to John Legend. I was too tired.

It wasn’t Dugan’s grabbing of a pretzel that lay on the ground on Kelly Drive. It did look tasty.


My upset-edness is a direct result of The Force That is Chase going on the Disabled List. I feel terrible. Chase was the anchor of the Fightin’ Phils, a guaranteed multi-hit game kind of guy who covered miles of range at second base. Phillies’ brass are saying that Chase should only be out 4-5 weeks and could be back for the final stretch of the season.
But what will that final stretch look like?
The Phils brought up some young buck to replace Chase on the 40 man roster and the consensus is that Abraham Nunez will get some playing time now.
That doesn’t make me feel any better.
The Trade Deadline is only a few days away and the injury to Chase only amplifies the Phils’ need to make a trade. But what kind of trade do they make? Do they go out and find a suitable replacement for Chase, someone like Houston’s Mark Lorretta, who will keep them in contention? Or do they call it a day, trade Aaron Rowand for some prospects and dump whoever else they can?
It’s a tough call.
Looks like the spotlight’s on good ol’ Pat Gillick to make something happen. But will he? It’s doubtful. Of all the trade rumors out there, barely a single one mentions the Phillies. They are neither buyers or sellers. They don’t have the young prospects to move to make an impact trade and trading Rowand is a sure sign that season is lost and management has to be reluctant to do that. Something needs to be done about the bullpen and now we need a replacement at second base, whether it’s just for the short time or for the rest of the season.

If only Dugan scooped up grounders like he scoops of pieces of trash and acorns, we’d at least be halfway there. But as far as I can tell, he’s got nothing when it comes to pitching or hitting.

Well, nothing’s perfect.

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