The Tolling of Pennsylvania

It appears the idea of making the 314 mile long I-80 a toll road has been taken seriously. From experience I can tell you Pennsylvania has some of the worst roads South of Maine, North of Florida, and East of Tennessee. Our roads are terrible, too narrow, cracked, bumpy, ill lighted. I was just astounded on recent trips, coming home from other states, how you could be driving along at a decent speed, eating up miles safely, then you get into Pennsylvania and you are back in the 19th century. When it is raining it is even worse with poor runoff, pooling, treacherous roads.

I do not know if the toll idea will work to raise money in order to improve our roadways but I don’t think it can be dismissed out of hand. Harrisburg is trying to figure out how to exempt local traffic from the toll. They basically want to collect from out of state users. On I-80, which runs from California to the George Washington Bridge in N.Y., seventy-five percent of drivers are from out of state!

Lots of problems with the idea. Does it go against the inter-state commerce laws and other details have to be worked out. I am just glad they are beginning to deal with the problem.

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