The regular bathrooms at 30th Street Station are closed, as I discovered on a recent very-full-of-pee visit. The sign directed me to the restrooms “behind McDonald’s.” Behind, or in front of depending on where you start. I eventually found them, and boy are they HOT. Disgusting, humid, urine-reeking meltingly hot. I’d just walked about 25 blocks or so without breaking a sweat. Three minutes in that bathroom and I quickly began to soak through the back of my shirt.

This called for liquid refreshment. I had a few minutes before my train, so I hit up the vending machines in the regional rail hallway. I generally avoid Aquafina as it has salt in it. Salt, in bottled water. Ridiculous. This time I had no choice, though, so on a whim I punched the oversized button for the Aquafina FlavorSplash. Big mistake. It’s disgusting. Unless you adore the chemical taste of splenda, avoid this product at all costs.

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