So whatcha think about the last episode of The Soprano’s. I thought it was great, especially the last few minutes. Tony, alone, looking up each time somone came into the restaurant. Each time we are waiting to see a hitman. Carm comes in and sits. Kids will be along, both coming seperatley. Again, each time the door opens Tony looks up.

Watching this our tensions build. A.J. Comes in with a strong looking man just in front. We know the guy is going to walk to Tony’s table and put one in his head but instead he takes a seat at the counter. A.J. is with his parents and there is light hearted bantor, as we wait.

Out in the street Meadow is trying to park her car. Inside the man at the counter stands and walks toward T’s booth, but he is just going to the men’s room. Meadow for the second time is trying to pull into the parking space. Our tension builds, Two young Black men walk into the restaurant and block our view of the door as they stand in front of a Juke Box. Are they the hitmen? Is the hitman coming in and we cannot see him. Meadow finally parks and comes running across the street. Is she going to run into the restaurant just as Tony gets whacked, will her entire family get killed, is she running towards her death.

By now the tension is at it’s height, we are on the edge of our seat, hearts beating a little faster…fade to black.

And why not. Fogetaboutit. It all just goes on. That is the life. One of their own is squealing to the feds, one of their own was just whacked. From the beginning, there is only one way this ends. We know the ending. Today, tomorrow, next week, eventually the weight of their ugly life will collapse upon them and crush them. What are ya gonna do?

What did you think of the ending?

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  1. Paul (unregistered) on June 12th, 2007 @ 11:41 am

    I don’t have HBO, but am caught up to the end of the first part of Season 6 (a mistake, I now realize, as I must wait until the second part of the series-ending season comes out).

    Anyway, I heard the description of the ending on some lame FM talk between dj’s. I immediately knew it was brilliant, just the right ending for this show, or perhaps the even-better series “The Wire”. Both shows, The Wire in particular, are known to demand careful viewing, and thinking while watching- little is spoon-fed to the view.

    So, The Sopranos ends with ambiguity; the ending allows us all to project what WE as individuals got out of the show. If we are whack- counters, one of the Sopranos gets whacked. If we are existentialists, Carmela leaves Tony to fly to Italy and find Furio, honeymooning in Paris…

    From what I’ve read today, and Chase’s own comments, there were a good number of “lazy” viewers who he wasn’t going to satisfy.

    I vote tv (and film) can be art, and Sopranos and Wire are trying to reach that level…

  2. Joe S (unregistered) on June 13th, 2007 @ 2:25 am

    Thanks so much for your comments. I started out watching the show via vcr tapes from the library. It is/was addictive. When I upgraded my computer, telephone and cable I was getting HBO as a compensation for some mistakes by Comcast. That ran out just before this last season started, so I got hooked paying.
    Knowing the ending, I do not think, will take anything away from the series.
    The Wire is another one I enjoy. HBO really puts out some good stuff. I agree with your idea TV can be Art. In the early days of television they took many more risks and I think hoped it would be more then it has become.

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