Penn Commencement and Alumni Week

University of Pennsylvania’s Commencement and Alumni Week are over, the giant mess of traffic that was University City (and a good part of CC) should be clearing up now, maybe… just a bit. No promises on Philly traffic, Tamara ;-).
Former U.S. Cabinet member James Baker spoke about civic leadership in his keynote address, after some controversy about his political views. Ouch on the part of the party who booked the speaker this year(wonder if it was the same person who got eminem quoting foster, haha). If its one thing I learned from my last graduation- think of who this person is speaking to, play the crowd and make sure to keep away from anything controversial. Which is why we had the sports commentator for a big baseball team who was an alum, and also why our rival school got Conan O’Brien, cant go wrong with someone in entertainment!

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