Philadelphia Zombie Survival Part 2A – “We have a level 3”

I ran some numbers on what the size of a general zombie outbreak in Philly would be. If every body in the Philadelphia area, recently dead or recently buried, became a zombie at the same time, the number could be anywhere from 1500 to 3000 zombies. (You really don’t want to know how I came up with the numbers. Let’s just say research at a natural history museum was involved.). About 200 of these would be around local hospitals and morgues, and the rest would be digging their way up from cemeteries, or anywhere from 5 to 10+ for each cemetery in the city.

At least half of the zombies in cemeteries probably won’t have enough muscle left to fight their way out of their coffins. That said, they’ve got nothing but time.

The real danger is from zombies that infect hospital workers and first responders. Figure that the 200 in hospitals and morgues will bite:

(1) the person who discovers them
(2) the person who runs in trying to help the first person
(3) the person who runs in trying help person #2, while others run away
(4) the first cop who arrives after the 911 call
(5) the cop’s partner, who tries to subdue the zombie with a nightstick
(6) at least 1 officer of the second police unit on the scene, which unloads 6 rounds into the zombie’s belly rather than aiming for its head

Even if half of these people are killed outright rather than infected, in a matter of hours the number of zombies from the hospital spawn will go from 200 to 600. Many will be police officers or hospital workers attacking their friends. Some will have gone home to unsuspecting families.

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