The Pita Pocket

Falafel Sandwich & a plate from the salad bar

How is it possible that I haven’t heard of the Pita Pocket until today? You people have been holding out on me (seriously, I am ALWAYS up for restaurant recommendations). Anyway, if you haven’t heard of it either, let me tell you, you are in for a treat. It is a small counter-service place on the west side of 16th street, between Walnut and Locust (218 S. 16th St. to be exact). You walk in and are immediately greeted by the cheerful owner and the smell of marinated, roasting chicken. You have a choice of a number of different sandwiches and platters. I got the falafel sandwich pictured above. For an extra $.75, they also stuffed in a number of slices of eggplant. I watched them make it and was amazed at how many falafel balls they managed to cram into the pita.

I was handed this bulging pita and walked over to the checker, who charged me a criminally cheap $6.15 (that includes tax) for it. Then I got to choose anything I wanted from the salad bar, which is included in the price of the sandwich. I piled a plate with spiced carrots, sliced radishes, fresh pickles and pickled baby eggplant (the hot peppers were REALLY hot and the pickled mango was too salty to eat). It was like getting an additional meal. So do yourself a favor and get over there. They are open until 9 pm, so it would also be a great place to grab a quick, delicious dinner. Oh, and don’t be fooled by the lack of seating on the first floor, there is a whole roomful of tables upstairs.

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