No more psychics?

did someone mention and i miss the fact that in philadelphia you can’t be a fortune teller anymore? i just read about this on msnbc (link to story). apparently there’s a law prohibiting fortune telling for profit. it’s actually a state law, which means all across PA you may not be allowed to charge for a tarot card reading! weird, huh?

i once got my palm read in college. during freshman orientation at drexel this girl amy took my palm and looked at it, pointing out that my life line splits at a point where i’ll either live a long time or be severely crippled, or something; and pointed out that i have a lot of friends, wouldn’t make money; and also she couldn’t find my love line. i didn’t pay for this service, but damn that girl was right on on just about everything so far. the life-thing i’d have to wait another twenty years at least to prove, in my estimation.

hey, anyone out there read palms? or do i have to go to the black market now to get a new reading?

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  1. Jeff (unregistered) on April 30th, 2007 @ 9:02 pm

    heh, my parents went to some fortune teller guy and he basically told them my life story- dunno whether to believe it or not- when i visited him – he had a letter of thanks from big dubya and i later found out – hes not allowed to leave the country and is watched by the secret service in case he knows too much.

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