Eating Well

I may have said this a thousand times before, but one of the things I love so much about Philadelphia is that I am constantly stumbling across bars and restaurants right outside my front door.

This weekend we started with brunch at Sandy’s. It’s a sleepy low-key diner in the Fitler Square area. The brunch isn’t particularly gourmet but it also wasn’t classically greasy. I had a mushroom omelette and hash browns and went home very happy.

Maybe it was the late breakfast (we went after noon) or maybe I was just sleepy, but after brunch I decided I couldn’t go out shopping as I had planned. So I settled in to laze around the house, but in a couple of hours we received a call from some friends who were sitting at a table by the window at The Bards and asked if we’d like to join them for a beer. Well, I perked up and was putting on my shoes before my husband was even off the phone.

We sat and talked by the window as the rain sprinkled lightly outside. Inside was cozy and, happily, not at all crowded. In fact, we walked by The Bards later on that night and saw that it was still pretty empty inside, while the Irish bar next door was packed and had a line out on the sidewalk. I must be getting old because I don’t get what the difference is, except that one place was loud and crowded and the other looked like you could sit and have a beer in peace. Yeah, that has got to be age talking. A younger me would have waited in line on the street just like everyone else to eventually get into the crowded bar.

Anyway, after a beer, we decided we were hungry, and not for Irish food or sandwiches, so we spent what seemed like forever trying to decide on the perfect place to go for dinner. Of course, by now it was 8 pm on a Saturday, so the chances of getting a table anywhere without a huge wait was pretty slim. I have wanted to try Melograno for a while, but at the mere suggestion my husband shot me a look like I was crazy for suggesting it on a Saturday night. And of course he’s right that we wouldn’t have wanted to want an hour on the street in a slight drizzle, so I will have to report on it later. We ended up making no decision except to walk outside and hope to come across something.

We hadn’t gone very far before we reached Pietro’s Pizza, which our friends recommended. So in we went and I suddenly realized I had been there years before for a friend’s bachelorette party, before I ever knew I would be moving to Philadelphia one day. Our friends recommended the pizza they always order, and now I think that whenever we go back, I will be ordering the same thing because it was quite good – mushroom, Kalamata olives, and pepperoni with fresh mozzarella.

Then on Sunday, we finally made it to Sunday School at Tria and it was every bit as good as everyone has been telling me for months. I could easily become a regular.

But then, because the appetizers we had there were small and because I was already on a food high from the rest of the weekend, I suggested we cap it all off at, of course, Capogiro, where I finally ordered a cup without anything chocolate in it, but instead ordered (and loved) Mojito and Red Grape.

I can’t complain. I felt like I was on vacation this weekend. And I like being able to feel like that in the city I live in.

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