Surviving Zombie Armaggeddon in Philly – Part One, Setting the Stage

The Seattle metroblog had a story about how to survive a zombie attack there, which was followed up by one from Pittsburgh. I had a few thoughts for what would happen in Philly.

Like the Pittsburgh poster, I agree that the contagion starts in morgues, cemeteries, and other places where you can find the recently deceased. Unfortunately for Philly, we’re an old, large city, and a central hub of medicine our area. There are over a dozen major hospitals and over 200 cemeteries in the area. The hospitals will make downtown a very dangerous place to be, and the cemeteries will spread the rest of the attacks all over the area. Worse, a lot of police and hospital workers are going to be contaminated trying to stop the first wave of attacks. When they turn, the number of people who are able to help maintain order is going to drop like a rock.

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