Suggestions for the Eagles’ draft pick

Well today is the NFL Draft. Personally I can’t wait for it to be over so Sportscenter can devote more time to baseball highlights. But it’s on now…the Raiders took Jamarcus Russell, the stud quarterback from LSU. So that takes him out of the running for the Eagles, but that certainly doesn’t limit the Birds’ options.
I thought I would take a few moments to suggest three possible picks for the Eagles in this year’s draft.

1.) My roomate Nailz Noodlez. Granted she’s a female and that may pose some problems, but I honestly think she could be a difference maker for the Eagles. While I’ve never seen her run, I have seen her do numerous pull-ups on our spiral stairs and also has been known to do some pretty serious rock climbing with her boyfriend, the Medicine Man. I think kicker would be the ideal position for her, much like Kathy Ireland in Neccessary Roughness, which is perhaps one of the best football comedies ever made. Sinbad! Scott Bakula! Robert Loggia! It’s amazing. And Nailz could also be amazing as the Eagles’ kicker.

2.) Joakim Noah. Yes. Yes I know that he’s a basketball player and yes he has ridiculous hair, but I really think he could be a huge addition to the Eagles’ wide reciever corp, especially given the fact that he is taller than any of the current wideouts the Birds have. He has fire and intensity, two things that the Eagles’ offense could use. Something to think about, Antonio Gates, the superstar tightend for the Chargers, was a basketball stud in college, and he turned out pretty well. I think Noah could be equally as good.

3.) Mark Wahlberg. He’s an actor, but he’s an actor who did a pretty good job playing a football player in Invincible, which was in fact, a pretty terrible movie. He’s fast, athletic, and his history with dancing would lend itself perfectly to entertaining touchdown dances. He’s the spark that the Birds could use. Plus, he helped create Entourage. I can only imagine such thinking could translate well to the football field.

The reasons that I’m suggesting three non football players is because I think with this year’s draft, the Eagles need to think outside the box and create solutions to their problems instead of just trying to fix them. All three suggestions, Nailz, Noah, and Wahlberg, could have an instant impact on the Eagles and their 2007 season. And if for some crazy reason, the Eagles pass on any of these three suggestions, I have one last suggestion.

Pat Burrell.

And if you have any questions, please see my last post. It should answer any questions.

We’ll see what happens today. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Nailz. Two words: season tickets.

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  1. Colin (unregistered) on April 30th, 2007 @ 9:38 pm

    Oh, look. You were trying to be funny

    F for effort!

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