Chinatown Buses vs Greyhound/Peter Pan

The competition has been going on for a few years now, and bus travelers can benefit from the latest change in fares by Greyhound/Peter Pan- 20 dollars round trip between New York and Philadelphia.
What is this Chinatown bus, you ask? It’s not really one bus, but instead a whole slew of different bus companies that started making trips between Philadelphia and New York City, and also DC. When they first started- the buses picked up passengers from designated curbsides where the driver would collect your fare, but more recently- they have rented out shops and turned them into faux-bus stations with window tellers and everything.
Here in Philadelphia, the three big companies I can think of are Apex, New Century, and Today’s Bus, with stops at 30th Street Station, and a few scattered around Chinatown.
While looking around for a way to get to New York this weekend for the Auto Show- I was comparing the rates between bus companies. Normally when I made a trip back home to NYC, I take one of the Chinatown buses because it is cheaper, but with recent fare changes, Greyhound doesn’t look too bad. Personally, I’ll probably stick with the Chinatown bus because I have never had a problem with safety- and they have a few more buses each day (During some hours the buses are leaving every 15-30 minutes!).
The Greyhound website is not very well designed, and uncooperative most of the time, but I found this link-
where you can buy your ticket online for trips for Baltimore-NY, Boston-NY, Philadelphia-NY and DC-NY.

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  1. jen (unregistered) on April 4th, 2007 @ 2:38 pm

    my cousin used to take the dragon bus from boston to new york. it’s a great cheap alternative, especially for students. their buses seem to be nicer than greyhounds as well.

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