“Nothing stops this enigma child”

That’s a clip from MTVonline’s review of Michelle Nagy, who we went to see tonight at the Philadelphia Art Alliance. It was a great show. I have to say I’m a little bit of a Michelle groupie — she went to the same college I did way back when, and I first saw her perform as an actress in a play about the end of the world. Her scene was the only one that made me cry…wait, this is a happy post. Where was I? Music! Anyway, without naming names, it turned out she was friends with a guy who lived down the hall from me, so I got to meet her. Utterly cool and fun to hang out with, and that’s what her show was like.

Personal favorites were “Harmony,” a piano song where the bass notes represent the man and the upper notes represent the woman, and how the two weave together, or don’t… it’s strange how dissonance still makes music… “My Dress” is a favorite of mine from her last album, Art Museum (alas, currently out of stock), completely sweet and heartfelt. Her new album, The Key, shows a jazzier, funkier side. My favorite was “Walkin'”, where a guy gives a girl his number, on the smallest piece of paper… let’s just say that, as a guy, that song would make me think twice about that last impression.

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