Jive Talking

We were out tonight (as usual) during Dancing with the Stars—I’ll let Matt tell you more about where and why. But I’ve watched through about two-thirds of my DVRed copy of tonight’s episode in order to make a semi-well-informed commentary about local dance pro Brian Fortuna and Shandi Finnessey’s latest routine.

And I’m feeling quite “eh” about it.

This feeling isn’t actually about any single couple. Something about tonight’s whole show (or, at the very least, the majority of it I’ve watched) was just—— off. So many of the music choices were bad, so many of the couples seemed worn out and low energy.

I can assuredly say that I enjoyed Brian and Shandi’s jive more than last week’s mambo. I still think Brian’s outshining Shandi in a way that doesn’t help the routine look as good to us regular TV viewers. I am extremely grateful that either the editors have been friendlier, or (more likely!) Shandi and Brian just got circumspect enough to not give the editors ammunition in the behind-the-scenes footage.

Based on what I’ve seen so far? Clyde should go home. But damned if I can tell who will. After such an underwhelming set of performances, I don’t think anyone’s safe.

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