Red Sox or Phillies? More like sneakers or flip flops?

This is it. I am a huge Red Sox fan…in the parlance of our times…an AVID Sox fan. When they made that run in 2004 and won the World Series, it was easily one of the greatest stretches of time in my life. I watched nearly every game with my dad, except for Game 6 of the ALCS, which I watched in Boston with Mavo after seeing Death Cab for Cutie & Pretty Girls Make Graves. The game was in New York, but the bar in Boston, in the shadows of Fenway, was packed. The excitement: huge! Thinking back to those few weeks gives me goosebumps. Red goosebumps. My goosebumps are avid Sox fans as well.
So with that being said, the two games this weekend I’ll be going to at Citizens Bank Park, exhibition games between my beloved Red Sox and my new secret lover, the Phillies, is a pretty big thing. Yet that leads me to a subject that has created a stir in my apartment, with my girlfriend, at work, at school, and with anyone else I mention this too (except for Jeff who works at the office with me. He seems to really get it.) That subject is my new loyaltly to the Phillies.
See I moved down here at the end of last August. At that time the Sox were tanking and the Phils were making a late run for the playoffs. While at bars watching these games, I got caught up in them in a similar fashion to how I got wrapped up in the Ravens when I was in Baltimore and the Ravens won the SuperBowl. There is something infectious and fun about being right in the middle of a city which is kicking at a fever pitch because of their team’s success.
Over the winter I tried liking the Flyers, but tickets were too expensive. I gave the Sixers a shot, but the only game I went to was versus the Celtics and the highlight was sneaking into seats 8 rows up from the court. I like the Eagles, but goddamn they’re hard to route for. So I decided I would become a Phillies fan. I liked their team, Ryan Howard and Chase Hutley are incredibly likeable, and they have Jamie Moyer. Enough said. But as the season has gotten closer and my excitement has grown to a point where I have numerous Phillies’ schedules up around my apartment, concern has been raised by some people that I’m ditching the Sox.
This is absurd.
The Red Sox are number 1. But I feel that it is perfectly acceptable to like the Phillies because they are in a different league and except for this weekend’s series, the teams won’t play each other. But when they do, the answer is obvious. I cheer for the Sox. But other than that, I cheer for the Philles. Does this make sense? It should. See I fully intend to go to as many Phillies’ games as possible. Coming from Red Sox country, the idea of affordable AND easy to acquire tickets is unheard of. I still can’t fully grasp it. So with the intent of going to all of these games, I want to be emotionally involved. So I’m getting emotionally involved in the Phillies. I’m not turning my back on the Red Sox. When they’re on tv, I’ll watch and I’ll follow their games through newspapers and Sportscenter. But when not doing that, I’m all about the Phillies.
It’s like how I view footwear.
The Red Sox are sneakers, specifically the New Balances I borrowed from my roommate, Big White. I will wear those shoes year round, in any kind of weather. They are my number one, my go-to choice for footwear. Yet when maybe it’s too hot for sneakers, or I feel like spicing it up, I’ll wear flip flops (i.e. cheer for the Phillies.) I love flip flops, but they will always be in second place behind sneakers. By that rationale, my boots would be the Twins, or maybe the Astros. I guess that one depends. I’ll let you know.
So with that being said…this weekend is strictly a sneakers weekend. Go Sox! But next Wednesday, when I go see the Phillies and the Braves, it will be a flip flops night. It’s simple. I don’t know why people don’t understand.

NCAA PICKS: Florida and Georgetown. CHAMPS: Florida. MVP: Billy Packer
ALBUM OF THE WEEK: Midnight Marauders Tribe Called Quest
FOOD OF THE WEEK: Rice noodles.

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