This strange Ides of March weather Thursday going from mild Spring to a cold winter rain did not dampen our night out with warm friends, good food, and fine drink inspired conversation.

We met up at Miss Kerry’s place in Fairmount. Lovely Lila, Vincent, Babs, Kerry, and moi, like good friends should we talked too loud and over one another about this and that. Separate and one conversation all taking place at the same time. A joyful noise.

Lila and Vince have an upcoming visit to Japan.

Easy for you to read!

When you give it some thought it is really such a different culture than the European countries and cultures we mostly encounter each day. For myself, I can conjure a few words of Spainish, German, perhaps a phrase or two of Italian or French, and once in a while I can string some English words together that make some sense. When it comes to Japanese the only word that comes to mind is Sayanora. They are intrepid travellers looking to discover more about others in order to better understand themselves and us. Looking forward to their future tales of travel.

It is such a pleasure to be with people who look beyond themselves to learn and serve others.

Miss Kerry, just retired from too many tears of teaching ( Freudian Slip ) and is just starting to regain her balance of self. Doing some light travelling, catching up with friendships, being able to care more for mom. After a few months out of the classroom she looks twenty years younger.

Barbara remarked, once home, “I forgot how much I enjoyed Kerry and her gift of conversation”. I always enjoy being with Kerry and always wish there was more time to talk and share ideas and viewpoints.

Kerry was the reason we were all together.

Trio, a little more then a year old restaurant, was a place Kerry had told us about. This was the first time since she raved about it we were able to join her. I just did not think it was right to go the first time without her.

Trio is about three blocks from the Museum of Art, on the corner of Brown Street and Taney. It goes beyond what you would expect from a neighborhood restaurant and it does not charge you anymore for the extra quality.

Trio is a byob. It’s menu selections are mainly Pan Asian with a Thai preference. White wines would seem to go with most of the offerings. Go for crisp and clean instead of buttery is my suggestion. Have a red in case someone orders the Filet Mignon or other dish worthy of a solid red.

There were five of us and we started with, Sweet Corn Fritters with minced Shrimp and crunchy, seedless, chopped, cool, cucumbers. We were sharing, and it was a hit with everyone. Very nice.

We also had an appetizer of the day whose main ingredient was fresh tuna and everyone enjoyed it’s clean taste.

Entrees were Basil Chicken, Seafood Hot Pot, ( the most tender calamari I have ever tasted ), Chicken with Glassnoodles, and two specials, a salmon dish and a mixed seafood dish.

Too much for anyone of us to finish and we passed on the delicious looking deserts.

I liked Trio and I want to come back and try some other dishes. The service by Youie was cordial and helpful. The atmosphere was more than you would expect, warm and comforting. If you have never had Thai or Pan Asian food, this would be a good introduction to the cuisine.

The cost for five….twenty five dollars per person which included a 20% tip.

Lila, aware I would probably write about our night out, was worried about being naughty and exposed on the blog.

But see, I never said a word about any of that stuff.

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