Ode to Google

Lately I’ve been on the biggest kick of googling old friends. It seems like every day I can dig up some new information on somebody I’ve lost touch with years before. Sometimes even contact information. I hope I’m not coming off as too stalker-ish. Old college roommates, old fraternity brothers, friends from high school, even gradeschool. Nobody is safe from my natural curiosity. it’s so pathetic that sometimes I’ll curl up on a lonely night with an old yearbook and just punch in name after name after name, seeing what I can come up with.

Who’s playing basketball in Europe? Who is married? Who is making 5X as much money as me? It’s all there for the viewing pleasure. Pair it with myspace for a truely unique experience in searching for long-losts.

I still haven’t decided if all this is good or bad. I mean, was it better back in the day when losing touch with somebody meant you might never truly know? When you might never truly see that person again, despite the fact that they have and continue to live within three minutes from where you are right now?!?

There are some people I’d never want to find me, but if they ever punch my name in google, it’d be pretty damn difficult for them not to read all about my life, my career, and the most intimate of thoughts I can share with the Metblog community.

I love Google. The only question is … should I?

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  1. Matt (unregistered) on March 1st, 2007 @ 10:10 pm

    I think it gets to be a little much sometimes, the whole idea of being wired-in 24-7. Not so much that I lose sleep over it, though.

    I miss writing letters by hand and getting them in the mail. Used to have some really good pen pals back in the day.

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