Last Night at the Tin Angel

On the advice of an e-mail I received earlier in the week, I went down to the Tin Angel. Kyle Justin opened last night’s show, followed by Erik Mitchell and then Adrienne Hamilton. I stuck around for the first two sets.

Let me just set one thing straight right now: When I heard the Angry Video Game Nerd’s theme song I dug it in that entertaining-song sort of way. But it didn’t sound anything like a Kyle Justin song. It was just a fun and silly song. OK, Kyle? I like the song. I just originally thought it wasn’t gonna go anywhere.

Man, was I wrong. He announced at the show that he and the Angry Video Game Nerd himself are going to MTV Studios in Los Angeles to record an interview and everything. He’s going places. And oh s#!t the Angry Video Game Nerd was there, too! So I got to tell him exactly what I thought of his little videos. I think I came off as more of a babbling fan than anything, though.

Kyle was joined onstage by his drummer Pete, and they put on a solid forty minutes of entertainment. The addition of Pete gave his music a more upbeat feel. And I never get how his songs kick ass without being terrifically rhythmic, but somehow nothing changes with Pete and Matt (his bassist, absent from last night’s show). He debuted a new song, and I wish my phone weren’t an idiot because I would have had the first live, public recording of it ever.

Erik Mitchell’s a cool guy. I met him a few months ago at a coffee house in West Philly–or maybe it was in Barrington, NJ. Anyway, he had a great following and a cool, laid back vibe. He played solo. Last night, I saw him with a whole band. Jazzy and poppy and acoustically rocky all in one, I really got to re-enjoy all of his songs, and I finally got to hear the fabled “Piece of the Pie” which he couldn’t play at open mics, because, you know, children are present. He really filled the stage with his band, a five-piece which included Jon Mernyk on lead guitar, and others whose names escape me because I’d only met them that night.

And then Adrienne played and she’s hot but I had to leave when she started so I missed her set.

kyle justin + erik mitchell

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  1. Adrienne (unregistered) on February 21st, 2007 @ 3:31 pm

    howdy. the show dig rock! Erik and Kyle are both great musicians.
    too bad you missed my set, but thanks for calling me hot. i’ll take what i can get. your bio says you’ve played bass for pop-punk bands…you’d probably dig my music, some of it, at least a little.
    maybe next time!

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