What flava?

OK, so I’m listening to 610 WIP yesterday on the way home from the vet. The dog is in the back seat, at peace, because the poking and prodding was at a minimum this time, and no shots! Glen MacNow and Mark Eckel are talking about players who could make or break the Phillies this year. The topic turns to Pat Burrell. Eckel says that Burrell won’t set the world on fire, but he’ll do well, better than last year.

MacNow: “So, what, ‘underwhelming’? ‘Try the vanilla, it’s pretty good…'”

Eckel: “He’ll be better than vanilla. Maybe vanilla fudge.”

So I wondered, if athletes were ice cream flavors, what would they be? A few thoughts: Donovan McNabb: New York Super Fudge Chunk. Because when he’s on, he’s superman. Brian Westbrook: Neapolitan Dynamite. Because he’s the most explosive player on the Eagles. Peyton Manning: some kind of gourmet vanilla. Etc….

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