Valentine’s Day at the Corner Drug Store

Now I may prove myself to be deeply romantically challenged with this admission, but I kinda think an entirely fitting—albiet low-key—Valentine’s Day can be arranged simply at the nearest Rite Aid or CVS.

Here’s my tally:

My Valentine’s Day Card to Matt came from the CVS on 19th and Chestnut.

Matt got a small Valentine’s Day gift for me* at the Rite Aid on 23rd and Walnut.

And tomorrow after work, I will visit one (or both) of those locations to replenish our kitchen candy supply with the post-holiday markdowns. Hell, we don’t mind eating Hershey’s kisses wrapped in the wrong color foil.

Cards, gifts, chocolate. Doesn’t that cover the essentials?

* A ginormous coffee mug, initially occupied by a small plush teddy bear cum devil, and later filled with all the office coffee I could brew on an ice-filled morning where I couldn’t believe I was actually at work….

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