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I hope those reading this were lucky enough not to have to venture outside today. If you did go outside anywhere in Philadelphia, you will know that, though we didn’t get an inordinate amount of snow, it was an utter mess. Even in Center City. I’m used to the small streets of Fairmount being largely neglected, but was surprised to see that even Market Street looked untouched. This morning is one thing, but I was shocked this afternoon when leaving the Criminal Justice Center (the call to jury duty doesn’t stop for the snow!) that the area around City Hall and the Convention Center were untouched. The roads, the sidewalks were all a disaster.

I headed home to see that our trash hadn’t been picked up this morning. Not shocking, given the snow, but as it appears that no one was plowing, where were the trash trucks?

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  1. Tamara (unregistered) on February 14th, 2007 @ 6:10 pm

    I SAW plows today, they just weren’t actually plowing the streets!

    Also, the area around Penn wasn’t plowed either and crossing at intersections either involved stepping into at least five inches of slush and water or walking through the middle of the intersection. They didn’t even plow the bridges over the Schuylkill as far as I could tell.

    P.S. Any tips on jury duty (e.g., food in the area, best place to bunker down and wait to be called)? I’ve been called for next month.

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