Rail Commute Complaining

I have a few rail commuter gripes to throw about. First, to the people who wait just inside the platform doors at 30th Street Station. Yes, it is cold out. Wait downstairs where it’s warm or wait outside in the cold. Standing right behind the inward-opening doors blocks the way for passengers making their way to and from their trains. Furthermore, don’t you dare give out nasty looks to those who actually open the doors and go outside. That’s how we get to the train. If you’re standing right behind it, yes, the door will bump you.

Secondly, to parents with uncontrolled small children on the train. No, it is not cute when they stand up despite repeated warnings from the conductor to sit down. It is also very much not cute when they kick or pound on the seats in front of them, nor when they turn around to take tickets and passes to play with and chew on.

I understand it’s difficult to keep a small child quiet, but one can certainly keep them seated and watched closely enough to prevent disturbances. I was lucky enough to have one such child behind me this morning. Not only did he pound on the seats, his mother joined right in banging on our seat back as well! Then her little darling reached up and yanked very hard on the hair of the passenger next to me. When she reprimanded him, very gently, he started screaming. Her reaction? The statement: “You’re screaming now.” Then the little tyke filled his diaper, much to the dismay of everyone’s noses.

Again, the diaper and the noise are often factors that cannot be controlled. However, it is common courtesy to teach your child to respect other passengers and especially the conductors.

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