R.I.P. Barbaro

The news flash just popped up on my screen from Channel 6: Barbaro has been euthanized after the Kentuckey Derby winner’s long recuperation took an unrecoverable turn for the worse.

WPVI quotes the horse’s co-owner, Roy Jackson:

“We just reached a point where it was going to be difficult for him to go on without pain. . . . It was the right decision, it was the right thing to do. We said all along if there was a situation where it would become more difficult for him then it would be time.”

Oddly enough, SportsNetwork.com says that the New Bolton Center won’t officially confirm this news, referring us instead to a promised press conference at 4 PM today. Channel 6 is promising live online coverage of that press conference; I would bet they’re not the only network who will do so.

I have to admit, I’m not particularly surprised by this news, and I’ve never quite understood the grasp this story had on the American psyche. In my heart of hearts, I haven’t been able to stop myself from wondering if the last eight months of procedures and interventions weren’t more of a burden than a blessing.

But that’s a thought based in ZERO actual knowledge. I am as ignorant of horses and their care requirements as it is possible for someone to be.

And whether I understand it or not, Barbaro’s story did capture attention and affection. A quick google search on his name led me to the bulletin boards at Tim Woolley’s racing site. Threads are already popping up with reactions to the news. I can’t see myself posting to participate, but I can’t summon any snark about those who have and who will….

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