Make ‘Em Laugh

Today was my first day back in Improv Class. I took beginner level back in the fall, and twelve of the thirteen students from that group joined up again for intermediate level. I am thrilled to be getting myself back in practice. I am among the suckiest improvisers around, but I have myself a good time.

If you, on the other hand, are already an improv whiz, you might be interested to know that ComedySportz Philly is having auditions next weekend. First round of auditions is Saturday, with callbacks on Sunday.* Email for a Saturday audition slot, if you want one.

And if you have no desire to be up on stage, you can always enjoy the show from within the audience. Saturday nights, 7:30 and 10:00, the Playground at the Adrienne (2030 Sansom Street). You might even get free tix to come back, if you win “suggestion of the night.”

But watch out if you see me in the audience with my friends. I’ve been three times and won for my suggestion twice. The third time, one of my classmates won. We’ve got skillz that way.

* Obligatory “It’s all about me” angle: I was actually sort of grateful to see that the auditons fell in such a way that my King Tut duties completely bar me from having any opportuniy to try out. At some point I think I’d like to, but I’m not sure if I’m ready yet, BUT I’m also not sure if I shouldn’t be auditioning anyhow–since performance is all about stretching beyond your comfort level. The King Tut/ComedySportz conflict means that I have some more months to work up my “skillz” and my courage without blaming myself for being too chickenshit to try this time around. “It was my work obligations, honest!”

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