Dueling New Orleanses

It’s a strange and awkward coincidence the The Franklin Institute’s BEN-efit for the Bayou (scheduled many weeks ago) happens to be taking place the same evening at the Eagles-Saints game (scheduled not-quite-as-long-ago). However strange it feels to me, that’s the way of it: Dr. John will be taking the stage as benefit headliner just about the same time as the opening kickoff occurs in the Superdome. And in not the first (and surely not the last) weekend separation of a couple caused by competing recreational passions, I will be getting my music fan on while Matt remains faithful to the game and his Eagles.

Which is as it should be.

I’m not sure anything more needs to be said about the game, but more details about the benefit after the jump. Turns out you can help out during the NON-game hours of the weekend, too.

This evening’s event is built around one of the IMAX films currently scheduled at TFI: Hurricane on the Bayou. As I understand it, the filmmakers started filming thinking they were gonna do a traditional IMAX travelogue about the disappearance of Lousiana’s wetlands. Then (as happened almost a decade earlier with Everest), a few days into filming, the project was overtaken by history when Katrina hit. Suddenly, a film discussing the theoretical risks caused by disappearing wetlands became a document of the actual effects of a storm surge unhampered by the natural protective barrier of the wetlands.

Okay, I’m getting way geeky and detailed in this explanation about the film. Sorry folks: that’s just the way I roll.

But here’s the essential pieces of info. The Audubon Nature Institute, a partner in conceiving the original film, sustained $60 million in Katrina damage. If you see the film at TFI any time this weekend, the proceeds from your IMAX ticket will go towards the Audubon’s recovery efforts.

So feel free to root the Eagles on tonight and then, if you want to, make a small contribution to the New Orleans recovery tomorrow or Monday. Live demonstrations will be taking place throughout the weekend to add to the fun and help folks learn more about the Lousiana ecosystem and how hurricanes work.

And, if you’re more about music than about football anyhow, there’s still time to buy tickets for tonight’s buffet supper and Dr. John concert. Which is where I’ll be. Considering my recent illness, I’ll be very careful with the promised “tastes of New Orleans” menu, but I know the music won’t do anything to upset my poor tummy….

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