Can I be like Chris?

In 76ers news, you may have heard that Chris Webber is not happy being a Sixer, as he does not want to be part of a team in the process of rebuilding. So, what is the logical solution? Suck it up like the 98%* of Philadelphians who grow sick of or disillusioned by their jobs at some point but try to stick it out, at least a little bit? Try to have some sense of loyalty to the fans of this town and show you their commitment, as you have produced little since coming to Philadelphia? Naw, not Chris Webber. Widdle Chris isn’t happy, so Chris wants out of his contract. I cannot tell you how disgusted I am with Webber and the Sixers right about now. Is anyone on that team other than AI, who they so wisely traded to Denver, willing to work and buckle down and try to get some wins? As Charlie Brown would say, “I can’t stand it!” What is it about Philadelphia that makes once good players suck once they come here? Logically I shouldn’t be upset about the loss of a player who has been less-than stellar since he’s been here, but I’m still mad at the Sixers about the AI trade. But, I am glad that Iverson has landed on a less-sucky team.

*According to a scientific poll conducted by the Campbell Organization. +/- 50% margin of error.

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