Anybody else like gravy?

The Eagles beat Dallas 23-7 last Sunday, and so I hear, not only did they beat, they took them apart. I saw the first half and the end of the 4th quarter, so the game was either in still doubt or Dallas had already given up. The middle was broken up by Christmas dinner. (I was in Connecticut at the time — the Eagles game wasn’t the first priority. Go figure.)

Before I was took scared to get my hopes up. Now I’m just, well, giddy. As far as I’m concerned it’s all gravy at this point. The season was in a death spiral after McNabb went down and the team dropped 5 out of 6 games. Now the Eagles have beaten Dallas twice in one year and are on the brink of winning the division. Notice I care more about beating Dallas twice than the division win, heh heh.

Are they a Super Bowl team? This guy thinks so, or at least that they’ve shown a lot of character to get to where they are now. I think they could get there, if they can keep playing at the level they have been.

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