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Anybody else like gravy?

The Eagles beat Dallas 23-7 last Sunday, and so I hear, not only did they beat, they took them apart. I saw the first half and the end of the 4th quarter, so the game was either in still doubt or Dallas had already given up. The middle was broken up by Christmas dinner. (I was in Connecticut at the time — the Eagles game wasn’t the first priority. Go figure.)

High Rise Fire

The River Park House Condos in the Wynnefield Heights neighborhood was evacuated last night due to a four-alarm blaze. Fire fighters speculate that careless smoking habits are most likely the cause of the fire. The fire started on the 14th floor and quickly spread down the side of the building.
I personally ride past this gated community all the time and I can say that it is a beautiful area. 250 people was evacuated from the building and taking to a local church for temporary shelter. Luckily, no one was really harmed. Cigarettes are not only bad for you lungs but they can also leave you shelter less.

Wish List: Philadelphia Shopping Additions

I had a nice and relaxing Christmas with my family in the Philadephia suburbs. Perhaps it’s just me, but whenever we’re in the ‘burbs I want to shop. Maybe it’s because there’s little else to do, or maybe because there are so many stores clustered in one small area that aren’t in the city (or aren’t convenient to me in the city). After extensive field research, I have concluded that these additions will greatly liven up the Philadelphia downtown shopping experience. At least for me:

1. SEPHORA. I cannot tell you how much I want a Sephora actually in the City of Philadelphia, not just at King of Prussia. It will improve the quality of my life immensely. I found a posting on Craigslist saying that a store will be opening in Philadelphia within the next year…keep hope alive!

2. Kohl’s. There is one in the Northeast, but that doesn’t help me out. I don’t love it as much as I love Target, but there’s nothing wrong with having some great choices when it comes to quality discount shopping. Great variety of goods, cool cosmetics lines…hmm, perhaps you are seeing a theme with my wishlist.

By the way, has anyone heard any news about what may take over the empty space formerly occupied by Strawbridge’s at the Gallery

Flyers Can Not Wait Until 2007

While the Eagles have seemingly turned their season around the Flyers continue to spiral out of control having lost a franchise record nine games in a row. Tp put some perspective on how bad that really is let me just say the team hasn’t won this month, their last win was on November 30th against the New York Islanders. The team has three games reamaining in what has become a dismal start to the 2006-2007 season, hopefully 2007 will be kinder to us. The team has three games this week, all on the road, against Florida, Tampa Bay and Carolina. 2007 can’t come quick enough.

Happy Holidays

I’d like to wish everyone who celebrates a safe and joy-filled Christmas. May you all be warm, well-fed and with people you love.

How timely!

Looks like my post about staying warm on the cheap in the winter was more timely than I thought. I check the news today and see the following: “PGW seeks $100 million hike.” The article goes on to explain that this would mean an increase of about 8%, or over $150 additional per year per customer. If everyone actually paid them it might work. This is meant to take effect on Febraury 20, but the appeals process could delay it until, well, just in time for next winter to begin.

Stay Warm

Today is the first day of winter, and just in time as it seems to actually be getting cold now. Keeping ridiculously outrageous PGW gas heat prices in mind, I thought it might be a good time to link to this very handy list of Cheap Ways to Stay Warm This Winter.

Back in my PGW days I had a small space heater. I would keep the gas heat at 65 or below, and carry it from room to room, plugging it in wherever I went. It was very helpful, and didn’t add up to much at all on my PECO bill. I called it R2Heat2, or the heat droid. Geeky, yes, but very helpful.


OK, so the Eagles beat the Giants on Sunday. Yeah, their running game played well, and it’s not like the Giants are a bad team against the run, either. So why am I being so careful about getting my hopes up? For starters, they’re an 8-6 team. #2, that first drive by the Giants made the Birds look really, really bad. #3, the Giants game had two things in our favor: a rookie quarterback who makes mistakes, and a Giants running attack that was going to the edges rather than up the gut.

I’m praying for 10-6 but expecting 9-7. GO EAGLES! There. I said it.

The Slots Are In!

Philadelphia has been granted slot locations in the Fishtown and South Philadelphia Areas. I am so glad that Trump didn’t get a license. Casino’s do bring alot of trouble but they are fun also. So there you have it; its game time.

Philly Sports: Aren’t We So Classy?

Leaving the Flyers game last night (we lost again, this time to Carolina 2-1) walking to my car there are the usual pretzel vendors and cheap tee-shirt salesmen. Well someone came up with the bright idea to make a tee-shirt for this week’s upcoming Eagles game against the Cowboys. On a cheap white Hanes tee-shirt a screen print with the following message: Dallas Sucks! Ho Ho Ho! Romo’s a Homo, were being sold. I don’t know how many the guy sold (they were only $5) because it was bitter cold out but I’m sure he sold more than a few. I was quite tempted to fork over the cash to the guy just for the amusement value the shirt would bring despite my utter hatred for the Eagles.

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