Thanks for sharing, I think?

I think we all have moments where it seems like we’re trapped in our own private episode of Overheard in Philly. My latest moment for unintentional eavesdropping occured late this evening, walking down Walnut street after an epic-long day at work.

Out of the open window of a white car barrelling down the road, I heard a disembodied voice* announce:

I don’t do anal!

Thanks, dear. I’ll sleep better knowing that.

(For another such moment—this time by someone who actually saw the speaker–check out this morning’s entry from Mac at Pesky Apostrophe.)

* No, I’m not claiming that the voice was truly unattached to a physical person. I am saying that the car zoomed by so quickly that I had zero opportunity to see the person making this all-too-public announcement.

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