So where does this leave us?

I didn’t watch this past Sunday’s game because I had a christening to go to out in Mechanicsburg. It sounds like I had the right idea, because everyone’s told me the game was bloody unwatchable. Dropped balls, penalties, no run defense, no running game, the usual.

Rather than the usual postmortem, I think this post is going to be about the rumblings that are going on three days later.

I’m hearing that Andy Reid has lost control, that the Eagles have lost their fire, the team is too young, the team is too old, the team makes too many mental mistakes, they drop too many passes, Trotter is overrunning plays, McNabb can’t win, Buckhalter can’t run, the league has solved Jim Johnson’s defense… and that’s just what I hear on my drive home.


What the heck does lost control mean? For some reason I can’t imagine that the character conscious Andy Reid locker room could lose control if it wanted to. Too young? Could be, there are a fair amount of young players. Too old? Maybe in some spots. Jody Mac on 950 posed that our run defense is so weak that Jeremiah Trotter and company can’t cover for its shortcomings anymore. McNabb can win, don’t be absurd. As for JJ’s defense, we are seeing an awful lot of quick drops by opposing quarterbacks lately.

There’s a saying that you are what your record says you are. The Eagles are a 4-4 team. On any given Sunday, you can toss a coin and get just as good of a read on whether or not they’ll win. I can’t speak to who played well or who played poorly on Sunday, but I can say that the Eagles have played undisciplined football all year. Those kinds of problems take more than two weeks to work out.

Step 1: Chill. If you wanted it to be easy, you wouldn’t be a Philadelphia sports fan.
Step 2: Brace yourselves. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

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  1. Chris (unregistered) on November 2nd, 2006 @ 7:46 am

    People said the same thing about Ken Hitchcock not being able to lose control of his team either and that was pretty much exactly what happened for the Flyers though. When this team finishes 7-9 this town will be calling for his head regardless of if he lost the team or any other intangibles.

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