Photo of the Day: Iron Studio Bunnies

Today’s photo of the day comes from Moocat (yes, she is a prolific contributor to the Metroblogging Philadelphia Flickr group so she shows up here a lot), taken during a Flickr meetup that she organized for last Saturday. I wasn’t able to make it myself, but some of the photos from the meetup are being posted here to this Flickr thread.

I don’t know this iron works shop that this is from, so I (like the other commenters on the photo) don’t know why there is a mushroom cloud on the right. Any ideas? (Destruction of innocence? Not sure what that would have to do with iron works though…)

I’m sorry to have missed the meetup, but hopefully I will be able to make the next one! I think it would be fun to explore the city with a bunch of other photographers. Or maybe it would be chaos, I don’t know. I imagine you don’t get very far with everyone stopping to take pictures all the time. :)

Speaking of Flickr and meetups and photography as a hobby, I was walking with a friend by Fitler Square Park yesterday and we passed a woman walking around with a camera in her hands (it looked to be a largish point and shoot, but not a dSLR). I commented to my friend that I probably knew her from Flickr but not in real life (I had Moocat in mind, actually, but now I see from the photos from the meetup on Saturday that this woman was definitely not her). I think I have seen her before in the area, I have seen others as well, and no doubt others have seen me. My friend asked whether this was a new thing, everyone owning a fancy dSLR and walking around specifically to take photos and having photoblogs or Flickr accounts.

It’s hard for me to say, having only my own perspective and not really having paid as much attention to things like this ten years ago. Looking around me, I think that dSLRs are very, very common to see, but at the same time, most of my friends don’t own one. They’re too bulky and expensive. But I do think that the decreasing costs of computers and digital cameras and the simplicity of applications like Picasa and Flickr are allowing people to indulge in a hobby that previously would have been too expensive and/or too difficult to share.

What do you think? Has the photography bug bitten you lately? And moreover, do you think it helps you see and interact with the city around you any differently?

Please add your Philadelphia photos to the Metroblogging Philadelphia Flickr group. Readers’ photos will be featured here on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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