Reflections on Lidle

It’s now been several days removed from the sad, sad accident in the sky that took the life of former Phillies-, now Yankees pitcher Cory Lidle. We’ve all seen the headlines, but more than likely unless you follow baseball or even that game that the Phillies play you more-than-likely never heard of him.

Lidle was a throw-in, a bonus given to the Yanks when the Phillies wanted and needed to get rid of Bobby Abreau and his negative influences.

An addition by subtraction of sorts.

Often outspoken, people quickly forget that Lidle was also the center of controversy the moment he left town for criticizing the Phillies, their passion, and their dedication to winning. Why this was controversial is beyond me. But whether you loved him, hated him, or never heard of him until 10/11/6 (flip the date upside), the fact remains he was a loving husband, father, brother, and son who died doing what he loved to do.

Last year, a Comcast Sportsnet feature story featured a plane ride with Cory Lidle over Philadelphia. You could tell by he passion in his voice and the knowledge he owned that flying meant more to him than nearly anything in the world.

So while some may see this as an unnecessary risk, nobody can really blame Lidle for doing what he loved.

I just wish I could go back and appreciate living on the edge to the extent that he once did.

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