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MASTER Lock?! BAH!!!

Many months ago, when the Philly Metroblogging group decided to have their first meetup, I went, along with co-teammate and podcast cohort and all around sidekick Brady Hicks. We both work over the river, in Cherry Hill and Pennsauken, respectively, and decided it would be easier if we both took the PATCO line into Philly. So we did.

Not as many months ago, when my cousin got married in Fremont, CA, I went with my buddy-who-had-introduced-me-to-emo Nicole and I went to Berkeley. We took the BART and passed the stadium where the Oakland Raiders play, and I bought two t-shirts at a place called 510. One fits me and the other’s too big.

I wish I had kept either of those cards, because apparently, as San Fran MetBlogger violet blue points out (complete with pictographics, for those English-challenged) how to pick a Master lock with one of these. Actually, I wonder if these things work with a SEPTA pass. I haven’t ridden SEPTA via bus or train pass for nearly ten years.

Beware, bike riders across the city, for I have exposed a secret the MasterLock Company, LLC does not want you to know! Also, beware high schoolers, for I have exposed a secret the MasterLock Company LLC does not want you to know!! Also, beware gym locker users, for I have expo—well, you get the idea.

By the way, I have an XL-sized 510 t-shirt for sale if anyone wants it. Never used.

Automaton Enforcer

Pay your traffic violations now, or a robo-van will nail your hiney to the wall. Or, rather, impound your car. Come next month something called “AutoVu” will hit the streets, scanning up to 3,600 license plates a day. If you have an unpaid fine your car will be booted and towed. If you’ve never experienced a booting or towing before, well, I’ll just say it might actually be more pleasant to literally have your hiney nailed to a wall than to try to get it back. Best, then, to pay up now.

I can’t help but wonder exactly how much Philadelphia is wasting on this newfangled thing. How much will it cost to run? Pay the operator? Reboot the database when it crashes? Hire tech support? Gas it up every day? The article linked says the city is owed $36 million in fines, but realistically how many of those will be unearthed and paid due to AutoVu? It can’t very well go into garages and driveways. I think the money poured into this effort would be better spent on, well, anything to help reduce the exorbitant homicide rate.

Oh, and how long before someone knocks the scanner off the top of the van? (photo)

The Go Ahead is Go

Hey guys.

Tomorrow night, The Go Ahead will be playing at Mokas Cafe at 35th & Lancaster (just off the Drexel Campus). It’s an 18/21 deal, $3 at the door. Basically, if this were last year, my girlfriend could get in, but not drink. Sadly, now she’s 21, which means she can get in anywhere I can. Luckily she’s busy on Friday nights.

The Go Ahead, who proclaim to mix sounds with Green Day and Millencolin (among others), will be joined by fellow rock bands Midnight Bottle Club and Walk Into Madness.

ANTM UPDATE: Monique The New Jade?


Top Model Fanatics, the first episode is always the best. I think there are some very pretty girls this season. Monique will definately be the girl we love to hate. The next runner up will most likely be Melrose. I also got to experience the NEW CW. I liked the new fun colors and the fashion tips. The only problem I have with top model in that they havn’t had another big girl since Toccara. Come on Tyra, plus size women are beautiful too.

I am already routing for Anchal; she has the look that is deifnately missing in the fashion industry. Well, until next week ANTM fanatics.

Age of Consent Screening

My friend Matt is into film. He writes about it for the Philadelphia Weekly, he writes about it on his blog, and sometimes when that isn’t enough, he writes longs emails to everyone he knows about it.

This week he has reason to write the long emails, as he is showing Michael Powell’s 1969 classic, AGE OF CONSENT, at the theater formerly known as Cinemagic this Saturday, September 23rd at 2 pm. Admission is free and the screening is one of a series that are being organized to say farewell to what used to be the only place in University City to see a movie until the Bridge came along.

If you are interested in reading what Matt had to say about the movie in his email, well, you can find that after the jump.

Back in Business

When I first moved to the Fairmount, I loved going to the Art Museum Restaurant on the corner of 24th and Fairmount for breakfast. They had a spinach and feta omelet that was to die for, and had the perfect greasy diner food that every neighborhood in Philadelphia needs. Then, I don’t remember the exact story, but the owner of the restaurant was embroiled in a scandal, and the restaurant has been closed for the litle while. In recent months when going past the site of one of my favorite former haunts, I couldn’t tell if the restaurant was open or if work was going on inside. But, it seems it is indeed open, now as Demetri’s Restaurant and Pizzeria. I received a menu from Demetri’s under my door and was going to throw it away, as I usually do with such things, but gave it a closer look once I saw the address. I have examined the menu, and my beloved omelet is still there. I’m not sure if the restaurant has opened under new management, but I will have to make a visit soon. And let you know my thoughts on the omelet.

A room with a view

Ever since my office moved to the 22nd floor of our building, I have been lucky to have the most spectacular view of the city to the north and the east. Every now and then I gaze out the window behind my desk to get a look of the bustle below and spy on my friend in the adjacent twin building–he freaks out everytime I comment on the blue/green/striped or whatever type of shirt he’s wearing that day.

But when I’m not playing voyeur, I’m usually just scanning the skyline and and often check upon the progress of the Comcast Center. I really wish I had thought to take weekly photos of its construction since we got here in July. The crew has been pretty busy this summer–they’ve added 7 or 8 stories since we’ve been up here and they’ve added a whole lotta scaffolding to it all recently. It’s pretty cool to watch the transformation of brick and iron into a towering building.

Ah–the sky is so sunny and bright right now–I’m sure I’ll be admiring the view outside for a good portion of the day. Look up and wave hello!

Just After Sunset

Here’s the next photo of the series from last Friday night of One and Two Liberty Place, viewed from the South Street Bridge.

Philadelphia Skyline at Sunset

Location:     Center City
Camera:     Canon EOS 350D Digital Rebel XT, Sigma 55-200mm f/4-5.6
EXIF:     Aperture Priority, Pattern Metering, EV +1 2/3, 6 sec, F/8, ISO-200, 112 mm (179 mm equivalent)

Please add your Philadelphia photos to the Metroblogging Philadelphia Flickr group. Readers’ photos will be featured here on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


The headline says it all! Tonight is the season premiere of Top Model and I am very excited. The drama, the beauty and the fashion has kept me watching since the very beginning. I look forward to the new season and fresh faces. I love fashion (at a reasonable discount). Maybe we can have a weekly Top Model Update! I call my friends at every commercial break and discuss the show. I know life isn’t all about looks but it’s a fun show to watch and it keeps you wanting more. So, I’ll have my fix tonight. Project Runway Fans: EAT YOUR HEART OUT!

Thailand Coup

Early today Thailand declared a state of emergency amid rumors of a governmental coup. Currently there are tanks surrounding their government house and a curfew is in effect. Our sister site in Bankok is covering the events and includes images from the streets, taken by their new photoblogger Daniel. All the bloggers in Bankok are doing a great job of providing information and sharing their own reactions to the events they are living through.

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