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Panama Street

This is one of the cutest streets in Philadelphia I think. Not that I have to choose among them, and not that there aren’t a lot of cute narrow streets with cobblestones and tiny rowhouses and giant trees breaking through the concrete sidewalks. But this is one I find particularly appealing.

Panama Street

Location:     Panama Street @ 24th Street, Fitler Square, Center City
Camera:     Canon EOS 350D Digital Rebel XT, Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6
EXIF:     A-DEP, Pattern Metering, EV 0, 1/30 sec, F/7.1, ISO-100, 50 mm (80 mm equivalent)

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Extras! Crew! Shooter!

I’ve been super busy with work lately, and I haven’t been keeping up with the local Philadelphia happenings. Perhaps someone can help me out here?

It’s 3 AM Sunday morning, and I’m driving back from Brooklyn when I finally cross the Ben Franklin Bridge. This means I’m almost home and can get to sleep. I’m pulling around 4th Street, Race Streets, 2nd Street… and I see these huge yellow signs with black arrows on them, pointing in different directions for Extras, Crew and Shooter. I can only assume that something was filming this weekend.

What’s the deal? Any ideas? Help fill-in a deprived metblogger here!

97 Things

Strolling through the internet this morning, I wandered over to Phillyist, where I discovered this little gem of a video. I’m in agreement with Jillian over there that I’m not sure that this gives a compelling case for people to visit Philly. But for someone who already lives here, it’s a fun trip all over town in under 3 minutes.

For the love of Philly

Last Saturday, on the first day of autumn, A Cup of Ambition wrote a love song to Philadelphia. A former New Yorker, she chronicles the process she went through as she learned that Philly was really the right place for her.

I never thought I would live in a city other than New York. In fact, when I first moved here, I was full of complaints about how small everything is and how early everything closes….I still think New York’s an awesome city, but the longer I stay in Philly, the more I know that New York is not my city.

She finishes up the post with a list of all the things she loves about this city.

I know I can’t convince most people that Philly is a great place to be, and like my city, I’m not sure I really want to try. Philly turned out to be the perfect fit for me: I love history. I love tiny cobblestone streets and three hundred year old rowhomes and Ben Franklin memorobilia. I also love distinct seasons, especially crunching pretty colored leaves in the fall. I love being home drinking hot chocolate while it snows outside. I love the first days of spring when the city comes alive. I love winter fashion. I love that even though a lot of people think I’m out of my mind, there are others here who understand.

Why do you love Philadelphia? If you came here from someplace else, when did you realize that this was home for you?



I almost forgot it was Wednesday but as soon as I remembered, I started to get all excited inside. The topic of this update is eliminations. I want to see Melrose go home this week. She was a total you know what (I can’t say on the blog) last week. The only thing that bothers me about ANTM is that once the girls win you hardly see them. The only two girls I see are Eva and Yoanna. Everyone else has seemed to have fallen off the planet. Please feel free to share your thoughts for this evening!

NBC 10 Weather Computer Down

Sitting in from of my television right now, Gene “Hurricane” Schwartz just announced that their weather computer is down. He proceeded to show a series of black and white print outs of weather maps that we attached to a clipboard. The camera panned in real close to the print outs and for a moment I felt like we had traveled back into another time where local television was a little cruder and a little more friendly. The computer came back up about half way through his report, but I just loved being a part of the moment when he had to improvise.

Public Service Announcement – You Don’t Have Much Longer To Register to Vote for November’s Election!

If you aren’t already aware of this fact, the last day to register for November’s election is October 10. If you need to change the address at which you are registered (as I did), you will need to re-register in order to do this. To make the process easy, you can complete and print out a form right from the Committee of Seventy website.

As there are so many important positions up for grabs–including gubernatorial, senatorial, and congressional races– if you aren’t registered to vote or need to update your registration, you don’t have much longer to do so!

Amy Guttman and Stephen Starr: An odd pairing

Tonight at 6 pm at the World Cafe Live, Dr. Amy Guttman, President of the University of Pennsylvania and Stephen Starr, local restauranteur will be speaking about to how to bridge the gap between Center City and University City. Philadelphia magazine editor Larry Platt will be moderating.

This talk is part of Philadelphia Talks, a series sponsored by the Philadelphia magazine and the National Constitution Center. This series features unique discussions about hot issues confronting our city and region.

The event is free to member of the National Constitution Center and to K-12 teachers, admission is $5 for everyone else. Please call 215-409-6700 to reserve a spot.

Photo of the Day: The Breaker

For today’s photo, I choose this sepia-toned motion-filled image from FourthFloor. I love the blur around the edges of the photo, the intense concentration and the flow of the movement, and how it draws me in as if I was there. (I wasn’t, of course. I didn’t even live in Philadelphia then.)

Photo by FourthFloor
from the 6th annual B-Boy BBQ in South Philly, June 2005

For more B-Boy BBQ, here’s a quick movie and their myspace blog.

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Cindy Sheehan at the Free Library

Cindy Sheehan, the mother who became famous (or depending on your perspective, infamous) for protesting the Iraq War after her son was killed while serving, will be speaking tomorrow (Tuesday) at 12 noon at the Central Free Library. The event is free and she will be reading from her new memoir Peace Mom: A Mother’s Journey through Heartache to Activism. If I wasn’t buried in school work, I would be going.

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