And you thought your neighbor was bad.

The local news story doesn’t give a whole lot of detail about the man shot in South Philadelphia last night after threatening people with a knife. I happen to know his next door neighbor who has been detailing this man’s activities over the past week. In the preceding three days has threatened to beat up and kill three of his neighbors, harassed another, called the police insisting one of his neighbors was spying on him, stolen a bag of trash, and screamed very loudly that he was going to his brother’s house to kill him and that there would be a knife fight.

The cops were called four times within a 48 period. They did nothing, not even take a report. They told everyone there was nothing they could do because he was simply crazy. Some neighbors considered filing a 302 to have him involuntarily committed. Apparently that idea was being put into action when the knife standoff began, ending with him being shot in the stomach. When the aforementioned next door neighbor gave a report the detective had the gall to ask her “why didn’t you call the police?” He had no idea they had already been there four times and done nothing. Why would she call them again? They were completely ineffective the last four times.

This is pathetic. At the very least I hope his elderly mother is taken care of and he is kept away for proper treatment so he can’t threaten or harm anyone again. Judging by the ineptitude of various services thus far, though, I seriously doubt that will happen.

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  1. melyni (unregistered) on September 22nd, 2006 @ 8:59 pm

    Sadly, I live in a suburb of Philadelhpia, and have needed the cops more times than I would like and they have done nothing EVERY SINGLE TIME!

  2. Dana (unregistered) on October 8th, 2006 @ 10:36 pm

    This is why I left the big city and moved to a small town. If I forget to lock my front door, it’s no big deal.

    There hasn’t been a murder in Jim Thorpe since 1998. The entire county (Carbon) has had two murders this century.

    Philly could be one great city; instead it has the highest murder rate of the top ten cities by population in the country. Oh well, at least it’s safer than Camden.

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