Who are the people in your neighborhood?

Recently I had a conversation with a friend about living in apartment buildings in the city and how infrequently we have bumped into our neighbors despite everyone’s comings and goings. This evening one of the 2nd floor tenants was kind enough to hold the door open while I lugged in my groceries and it’s the first time I’ve seen his face clearly (he’s a cutie, btw). I live in a 5 unit building and over the past year, I’ve run into the ground floor occupant thrice, one of the 2nd floor occupants once & the other twice (the one from tonight), and the fellow third floor dweller once. I’m in & out of my building quite a bit during the course of the day and it just seems odd that I don’t see them more. I’m not one to go over for a cup of sugar or bring over a bundt cake, but I guess it would be nice to actually be able to recognize my buildng-mates on the street if I ran into them–which I definitely wouldn’t be able to. Actually, maybe I’d be able to pick out the 2nd floor guy from tonight in a line-up. : )

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