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First off, thanks to all those that wrote me expressing interest in my novel and mag ventures. I’m very excited.

Nearly every day I also write about big computer companies for Information Today. It’s a lot of fun…sometimes. Sometimes it’s a drag when I have to write about the underhanded tactics of some big corporation. Yep. That includes the legal news and financial stuff. Not a lot of fun in that.

Today I was thinking about it as I drove in to work through the Northeast. And I was wondering how it would be if we went up to a Rita’s in the Northeast and asked for a small cherry water ice. They might tell us they are handing us a small cherry water ice, then lock the door and run away as we look down and see they’ve actually given us a strawberry water ice. That’s basically what a lot of these big companies do when they tell their shareholders, “Sure, everything’s great. Invest in us.”

Then they leave out the millions in US SEC fines they will be paying for the next year. And it’s all legal as long as they meet the deadline to tell their investors.

Anyways, the first Rita’s in the country is right across the street from my house. It doesn’t look any different than any of the others except there’s a little sign that says it’s the first. Pretty cool, huh? Rita’s wouldn’t be in business for very long if it just gave us a strawberry water ice every time then ran away.

Enjoy your water ice.
Brady Hicks

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