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A pocket full of crackers…

And a can of Easy Cheeze up the sleeve.

I was sitting on Penn’s campus today, having lunch a group of friends. We were swatting bugs and talking dating, when an older man in a suit caught my eye. He had been sitting on a nearby bench, but had gotten up and walked around back of it. He was staring straight at us when he slowing dipped his left hand into his suit coat pocket and pulled something out. In one fluid motion, the can of Easy Cheese slid down his right sleeve and into his hand. He depressed the nozzle and squirted a spiral of cheesy-food product onto what I could now see was a cracker and popped it into his mouth.

I had been midsentence when I spotted him and watched this operation. I totally lost my train of thought and I leaned over to my friend Angela to say, “that man has a can of Easy Cheese up his sleeve.” Word spread down the line and soon everyone was surreptitiously stealing glances, as he dispensed his lunch from an aerosol can onto crackers that kept appearing from his pocket. It was fascinating and totally strange, and I struggled to not stare at him. Finally he walked back around the bench and took his seat.

Trocadero Monday Movie Night

I’ve been a couple of these in the past but last night was a tad different–Johnny Goodtimes hosts a trivia game before the show now. We arrived a little too late to join in on the “Wheel of Trivia” fun but settled into the balcony seats for the horror/suspense flick “Silent Hill” which my friend told me was based on a video game. So it made sense that the three-quarters of the movie involved the main character–a mother searching for her daughter in an abandoned West Virginian ghost town–doing a lot of running through dark mazes, encountering strange townfolk, and avoiding/killing fiery zombies made of ash. I am usually freaked out by scary movies, but this one had me so confused by the wayward plot that I was too busy trying to figure out the what was going on to be frightened. It all gets explained in the last 10 minutes of the movie of course, but by then I was exhausted by all the screaming and fleeing to care. Plus, my back hurt from sitting on bleacher-style seats with no back support. But at least they had beer.

Photo of the Day: Tatouage

I really, really love E.C. “Ted” Adams’ photography and wish I could feature all of his Philadelphia photos here in this one post. But I’ll give you just this one taste to whet your interest and let your fingers do the rest of the clicking through his Flickr account, his photoblog Heudnsk Log, or his main photography site, Heudnsk: Philadelphia Photography.

Photo by Ted Adams

Also of interest on his site is the collection he’s put together of found photographs on the sidewalk that were either put out on garbage day, or maybe fell out of people’s pockets – photos that, for whatever reason, were abandoned and left lying around. You can browse through them in what he calls the “Abandoned Photo Museum“.

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Given the opportunity to have a conversation with a local sportscaster at work, your humble blogger said this to him, essentially blowing his opportunity and making him feel rather stupid afterwards, although he’s fine now:

“Hey! You’re Phil Andrews!

The Wall RIP

Random thought of the day: I came across a CD today that had a sticker that was once a common sighting–the blue and white lifetime guarantee sticker from The Wall. Whatever happened to The Wall music stores? Is that now FYE? And more importantly, what do I do if my CD goes kaput? The translation of the guarantee provided on those once ubiquitous stickers probably is something like, “The Wall provides a lifetime guarantee for this CD. The guarantee is for the lifetime of the CD or this establishment, whichever is shorter.”

Philadelphia Freedom, Shine On Me

‘Cos I live and breathe this Philadelphia Freedom
From the day that I was born I’ve waved the flag…

It was touching ceremony tonight at the US Open, as the US Tennis Association honored Billie Jean King by re-dedicating their facility to bear her name.

King (nee Moffitt) was born on the west coast, but Elton’s song speaks to time of local ties, when King served as coach for the Philadelphia Freedoms tennis team.

And wouldn’tcha know it? The Freedoms are this year’s World Team Tennis Champions!

Surreal meal at Butcher’s Cafe

“We’ve got tables inside and out, no waiting!”

This is what the owner of Butcher’s Cafe screamed at the people waiting in line at Sabrina’s yesterday afternoon in between attempts to convince passersby to eat at his restaurant. I was sitting at an outdoor table with a friend, feeling a little overexposed eating an omlette on the corner of 9th and Christian. After he finished yelling across the street, he turned to us and said, “I was the chef at Sabrina’s for 3 years, I wrote their menu.” Well, that would explain the duplication in menu items.

Rain over Philadelphia

rain over Philadelphia

Notes:     I love rain, so I couldn’t be more pleased with the weather this summer in Philadelphia. Either it’s softly raining, or a brief but intense thunderstorm rolls through leaving beautiful dark cloudy skies in its wake. And then on the days when it isn’t raining, it’s just gorgeous in comparison.
Location:     Center City, Philadelphia
Camera:     Canon EOS 350D Digital Rebel XT, Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6
EXIF:     Aperture Priority, Pattern Metering, EV 0, 1/250 sec, F/8, ISO-100, 30 mm (48 mm equivalent), cropped to correct perspective

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There will be no Keane for you, Philly

Surprise, surprise, another rock star admits to drug abuse and addiction. This time around, it’s the lead singer of Keane, Tom Chaplin, who recently announced his problems with drugs and booze. Along with that goes the cancellation and postponement of a slew of their concerts, including the Sept 17th Philly show at the Tower Theatre. I was really looking forward to it, but hey, can’t get in the way of the dude’s rehab, eh? His problems may explain why their second album, Under the Iron Sea, wasn’t as good as their debut album, Hopes & Fears–though it just may be the typical sophomore curse. The NYC show has already been rescheduled so hopefully they’ll make it to Philly before year end. Tom, here’s to a speedy recovery!

A nectarine addiction


For the last four weeks, there has been one constant in my Saturday mornings. I am addicted to the white nectarines from Beechwood Orchards, and so I have to make sure to get to their stand at the Rittenhouse Square Farmers’ Market in the morning to ensure that I can get the nectarines I need to get through the week.

These nectarines are fantastic. Seriously, amazingly, wonderfully sweet and delicious. Each week I buy a quart of them for $4 and ration them out each day. I haven’t once made it to Friday, because I can’t hold back, I eat two or three a day. If you happen to be at the market, I would absolutely recommend picking up a few.

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