Walk This Way

Being a pedestrian in this city can be a dangerous undertaking. Crossing the street, even when you have the light, can be a life-threatening endeavor. Today while nearly being run over by a driver who couldn’t bother to look before making a turn, I realized that my upturned middle finger and chain of expletives achieved very little. Could I even be heard? This is why I propose a horn for pedestrians. Perhaps we don’t have the luxury of a car, but does this mean that we walkers aren’t also victims of bad driving? Why shouldn’t we have the joy of obnoxiously hanging on the horn to notify people of our displeasure? Pedestrians of Philadelphia, unite! Now, the only challenge is implementing a design that won’t make walkers look like morons hanging onto giant horns. If you have any ideas, be in touch. We could be on to something!

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  1. sucellus (unregistered) on August 31st, 2006 @ 2:33 pm

    They sell small air horns, they’ll notice that!

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