Another Fit of Insomnia

I think there was too much sugar in the sangria I had tonight (well, last night now) coz I can’t sleep a wink. Maddening. So, I was sitting here watching the PECO building & it’s scrolling announcements again & saw one, “Can’t beat the heat? Call PCA at 215 765-9040.” In my bored & sleepless state, I called the number to find out what pearls of heat-beating wisdom they could provide at this late hour. A whole lotta nothing, is what it turns out. It’s a hotline for the elderly that’s not manned during the wee hours (maybe it was different during the heat wave, dunno.) Pressed numero uno for English then got another menu asking whether I wanted to report abuse or explotation or if I wanted more info on a community choice program. Nothing at all related to the weather. I guess if you call during the day you can get a hold of someone live to tell you to drink lots of water and stay in the shade. But if anyone sees the sign at 3am & thinks, “Man, I’d love to beat the heat, lemme call,” they will be left sorely disappointed.

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