Ask Doctor Don Juan – Why Do Guys Lie?

This is part of a new Metblogs feature where I — Dr. Don Juan — will give you my first-thought response to your love quandries. Send your questions to or leave a comment at the bottom with your question. Leave me a question, and I promise I will get to it in a future column.

Brady, aka “Doctor Don Juan”

Dear Love Doctor,
Why do guys say they will do something when they have no intention to follow through?


Dear Sara,
I think your question goes back to the cavemen, and maybe even beyond. I’m pretty sure that your complaint is also a complaint that most guys also have about women.

Obviously, I would need more specifics, but some logical answers would be: (1) They don’t reallly like you, (2) They are testing you, or (3) They are psychopathic. Any of those could be right, depending on your specific situation.

If you could give me something a little more specific to go off of I will gladly try to explore your quandry more fully. Until then, good luck!


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