John Street is doing something! Live at 7p!

I’m not sure why John Street has started getting his shit together and trying to actually do something productive for the city when he’s not running for re-election, but whatever. At 7p, Mayor Street is holding a press conference about gun violence.

If you’d like to catch it, tune into WHYY on your radio (91.1 FM) or TV12 via the tv or your music player of choice bia the internets. I’m sure the statement won’t be long or complicated…in fact, I’m pretty sure I can predict what he will say!

“This gun violence thing is a problem! People are dying! DEATH! You hear me? DEATH! With guns! So guns are bad! Let’s get rid of guns! And death. Let’s do things involving cops! And make the death go away. THERE IS DEATH, you hear me? DEATH. It’s bad. DEATH. Also, don’t vote for Michael Nutter. KTHNXBI.”

Thank you, Mayor Street.
And thank you WHYY for that hideous graphic.

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