OH MY GOD, IT’S HOT!!!!111!

Oh, University of Vermont, your images amuse me so.

Also, weather, you amuse me so! The heat pleases and makes me feel like something is actually being accomplished. But the heat doesn’t work for everyone. Please, dear e-friends, don’t be stupid today.

  • Drink water instead of beer. Alcohol is a diuretic, and your body needs all the water it can get. Or balance your beer with twice as much water.
  • Stick to shade. Your skin will love you.
  • Call your old friends. Not that guy who just turned 30 this year, oh no. Call your grandparents, their buds, and any old ladies in the neighborhood. Just to check. If they live in the city, just make sure. Heat is hard on old folks.
  • Don’t be stupid.

    Carry on with your heat related whinging.

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