It’s Always Funny In Philadelphia


I’m impressed, FX. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is one of the FX’s most heavily-promoted shows, and I think all that advertising isn’t for nothing. The show is set in our fair city, and it tells the story of four friends (Dee, Charlie, Mac, and Dennnis) who own an Irish bar in Philly. The show combines our familiar settings with dark, twisted humor all into a show that has been acclaimed as a dark version of Seinfeld. I would agree. I caught a download for a free episode on iTunes (Episode 103: Underage Drinking), and I thought I would give it a spin.

According to Wikipedia, here’s the synopsis for the episode:”After a profitable night at the bar populated by underage drinkers, the guys decide to lower the drinking age at Paddy’s Irish Pub to provide teenagers with a safe place to experiment, while also earning some money. Sweet Dee then meets Trey, a popular high school jock, and tries to fulfill her dream of dating a popular guy and going to prom in high school. Dennis is blackmailed by Trey’s ex-girlfriend into taking her to prom. Meanwhile, Charlie and Mac go to a party hosted by one of their new customers, Sarah. Sarah asks Charlie to prom, and feeling left out, Mac decides to go stag. It is then revealed that Trey and his ex-girlfriend were using Sweet Dee and Dennis, and end up getting back together. Only Charlie ends up going to prom.”

Despite the show’s shock value (She’s 18, Dennis. Don’t da… don’t… oooh. That’s creepy.), the humor can shine through if you don’t take things too seriously. Yes, a whole bunch of underage kids are drinking. Yes, this bar actually thinks it’s a good idea. But I think the absurdity of the whole situation makes it funny. And the last scene when Charlie ends up going to the prom with “Forever Young” playing as the slow jam is laugh out loud funny, if just for its awkwardness.

I enjoyed this show, and now with a little more star power (Danny DeVito joined the cast for season two), I think this show has the chance to be at the least, a cult classic, if not something more universally appealing.

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