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We all live…

In a Yellow Submarine. yellow%20submarine.jpg

If you are a Beatles junkie (like I am), you will be tickled to hear that the Animation Festival at the Franklin Institute is screening Yellow Submarine this Friday night at 8 pm. After the screening, the Paul Green School of Rock will do two sets of Beatles (and other era appropriate music) on the Planetarium stage.

Tickets are $6 for members of the Philadelphia Film Society and $8 for everyone else, and are available at the Franklin Institute Box Office.


In my last entry, I was kind of venting about the city’s crime problem, what we could do to change Philadelphia and make it safe for all of its residents. I received a comment from a reader about an organization called LEAP. After a some what lengthy look at the Organization’s web page, I have decided that it is an alternative to our problem. I may not personally agree and It may not be the response that the city or the country is searching for, but it is definitely worth talking about and I know that this subject will spar much controversy.

Apparently, some of our law enforcers feel that we need to legalize drugs. According to the LEAP web page, current and former members of law enforcement have created a drug policy reform movement called LEAP. The members of this organization believe that to save lives, and lower the rates of disease, crime and addiction, we must end drug prohibition. Deep isn’t it? I think it’s very interesting to see that our own law officers feel that our system is failing.

Abreu Deal, No Biggie

I have to say it, of course. The Phllies will be no bettor or worse off with Bobby Abreu gone for the Yankees. That’s how bad things have become. The Fightins are a .500 team at best, and it is readilly apparent to me that the changes they have made this past week were also changes that had to happen.

I see no point in the team trying to get better to make a run at the wildcard. They need to get rid of their high-valued, long-term contracts to build for the future. Moves such as the Abreu deal helped the team do just that. Pat the Bat, i’m looking in your general direction next. I fear your time will not be ending in this city. I fear you will have another year without post-season, but at least this year you can watch Bobby on TV come October.

He’ll be playing on a professional baseball team now.

Wawa Love

There was an article in the New York Times Magazine yesterday, about people who love Wawa. There is even a “I Love Wawa” myspace site. They say that the high level of service is what makes Wawa stand out from other convenience stores.

I do love Wawa. I love it for it’s ease, turkey hoagies and sur-charge free MAC machines. But one thing I don’t love it for is the service. My local Wawa (20th and Chestnut) is typically staffed with some of the surliest, grumpiest clerks and sandwich makers I’ve ever come across. They use the minimum number of words necessary to complete a transaction, rarely make eye contact and treat most people who cross their path with a combination of disgust and exhaustion. I don’t blame them for it though, working there can’t be fun, especially considering the impatient and unusual customers who frequent that location.

Do you love Wawa? Do you have a particular location that you consider yours?

Ask Doctor Don Juan – Why Do Guys Lie?

This is part of a new Metblogs feature where I — Dr. Don Juan — will give you my first-thought response to your love quandries. Send your questions to or leave a comment at the bottom with your question. Leave me a question, and I promise I will get to it in a future column.

Brady, aka “Doctor Don Juan”

Dear Love Doctor,
Why do guys say they will do something when they have no intention to follow through?


Dear Sara,
I think your question goes back to the cavemen, and maybe even beyond. I’m pretty sure that your complaint is also a complaint that most guys also have about women.

Obviously, I would need more specifics, but some logical answers would be: (1) They don’t reallly like you, (2) They are testing you, or (3) They are psychopathic. Any of those could be right, depending on your specific situation.

If you could give me something a little more specific to go off of I will gladly try to explore your quandry more fully. Until then, good luck!


Street Cameras

The Philadelphia Police Department has come to another epiphany in dealing with the violent deaths the city has faced so far this year. They have found reason to install cameras on the streets of Philadelphia labeled as the heaviest crime populated areas. During Operation Safe Streets, cameras were used to help control these so called problem vicinities. It sounds like a good idea, if it actually worked. What really happens is the people that frequent these heavily crime areas just move to the next corner. So instead of eliminating the crime populated area we are just moving it one block down and two blocks over into another neighborhood. There needs to be another solution; a permanent solution that will not drain our city financially and that will actually help the city and not hurt it.

I remember the cameras being shot down during Operation Safe Streets. From what I understand there was little if at all any difference in North Philadelphia during this program. I don’t have the answer to what can be done, but I do know that we as city need to come together and take back our neighborhoods. It is easier said than done but as a community it is doable. We can’t keep sitting around watching our children die and our elderly live in fear. So how do we fix a problem that the camera can’t capture?

Don’t miss The Forest For The Trees

THE FOREST FOR THE TREES is an intimate look at an unlikely team of young activists and old lefties who come together to battle the U.S. government following environmental activist Judi Bari’s arrest on terrorism charges in 1990. Filmmaker Bernadine Mellis, the daughter of Bari’s attorney, Dennis Cunningham, documents her morally driven, very tired dad, while offering us access into the life of the extraordinary Judi Bari, and a piece of U.S. history that is increasingly resonant.

THE FOREST FOR THE TREES is the first film to be executive produced by CHICKEN & EGG PICTURES. Founded in 2005 by Julia Parker Benello, Judith Helfand and Wendy Ettinger, it is a unique funding/Executive Producing venture dedicated to supporting emerging and veteran women filmmakers.

Screening and Q&A with filmmaker
Wednesday August 16, 7:00 pm
International House
3701 Chestnut Street
$10 general / $8 students

July 29, 2006 – Marlins vs. Phillies


Final Score: 12-3 Phillies
Season Record: 47-54

Chase Utley extended his hit streak to 29 games; Ryan Howard hit his 34th homer; and Cole Hamels pitched through 7.1 innings and gave up only three runs. Sounds familiar, right? Unlike last night, the Phillies had more going for them than just that. The Phils took their mistakes from last night and stuck a harpoon through Dontrell Willis and the Marlins. (The Philadelphia MetBlog does not advocate violence toward fishies.)

The big story of the night all hinges on how positive or negative you want to be. We’re all Phillies fans here, right? Let’s get negative. Left-handed hurler Dontrell Willis collapsed in the bottom of the third inning, with the Phillies sending up 12 men and having 7 cross home plate, thanks in part to Ryan Howard’s 34th home run of the season, Willis walking three men, and Shane Victorino getting hit by a pitch. Willis didn’t make it to end the inning.

Cole Hamels got the win for this game, but not without earning it. Up to the seventh inning, Hamels had pitched rather well, allowing only three runs to score. With the Marlins’ Joe Borchard up to the plate, Hamels delivered a pitch that Borchard smoked back up to the mound. The ball hit Hamels right below his left knee and caused him to be taken out of the game. Later Xrays turned up negative, only showing a contusion. Ryan Franklin finished out the seventh, and Fabio Castro closed the game out.

Hopefully, the Phils can get a good night’s rest and relax those arms, because tomorrow’s double header will test everyone’s stamina and endurance. For the first game of the double header at 1:05 PM, Randy Wolf will take the mound for the Phillies while 4-0 pitcher Anibal Sanchez will start for the Marlins. At 7:05, the 2nd game of the double header will take place, and it’s Dollar Dog night, so first one to barf on the field wins!

The Rita’s Water Ice Mascot

Yeah. This was taken in Northeast Philadelphia, where a Rita’s Water Ice was advertising their sponsorship with Alex’s Lemonade Stand. The lemon-flavored water ice at all Rita’s locations has been renamed to “Alex’s Lemonade” and various branches have been holding fundraisers and other fun stuff to raise both awareness and funds for the fight against childhood cancer.

I think the poor guy dressed in the furry water ice suit in 90-degree weather has given enough to the cause.

I Love My Neighborhood Hangout

On Thursday night I did something that I’ve done dozens of times since living in Fairmount–went for drinks and munchies with friends at Tavern on Green. I absolutely love the place. While walking to meet up with everyone I realized that my love for Tavern is a bit more than just “what a great place.” I had never thought about it in this vein before, but Tavern exemplifies exactly what I love about living in Philadelphia. In this City of Neighborhoods, Tavern is my beloved local hang out. It’s the easy outing when I don’t want to gear up for too much madness in Center City. And, as it serves Hoegaarden and Chimay, there is no need for me to venture any further.

If you live in the Art Museum area, I’m sure that you’ve heard of (and hopefully been to) Tavern. I’d be interested to hear from others: What are some of your favorite neighborhood hangouts around the city?

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