I live like 4 buildings from this little BYOB called Mercato. I have never bothered to eat there, but have walked by many a time. Well my friend from Atlanta was visiting this week and we decided to go. Mercato also means “Market” in Italian and its location is where the old Camac St. Market used to reside. Very witty. Read on to find out if it was AWESOME or not.

Yeah it was pretty fucking amazing. Hands down 5 stars. We went after having a few beers and we each brought a bottle of wine to drink (which we finished – don’t mind the blatant alcoholism here!). First off, this place is small. Real small. Go look at Mercato sometime on Spruce & Camac Sts. and you’ll see what I mean. Anyway, Mercato has a few things really going for it:

-Hot staff (our waitress = smokin’)
-Hot customers
-Hot food
-A clean bathroom that smells like flowers.
-Great atmosphere
-and a hell of a lot more

I got prosciutto salad with chicken breasts wrapped in…. prosciutto. Not healthy, but super Italian and super good. My friend JC has the special for that day, which was some pasta with cheese and broccoli rabe and such. Was delicious!

After downing 2 bottles of wine, an appetizer of mozzerella and tomatoes, dinner, and sorbet for dessert, I was full and down about $40. Not bad for what you get. Plus our waitress was really social and cool and was down with sneaking a glass of wine with us while on the job.

In conclusion: Get to Mercato now. Ok? I’m not gonna say it again. It’s an Italian BYOB that is phenomenal. Spruce and Camac Sts.

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  1. jen (unregistered) on June 29th, 2006 @ 11:25 am

    oooh, i’ve been dying to go there! alas, funds are lacking.
    thanks for the food pr0n!

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