flooding is gR8

i tried to combine wit and sarcasm with that subject line; the train line i take is the r8, get it? ah, it’s been a long morning.

i thought i’d escaped the perils of flooded tracks with a trouble free commute yesterday. no such luck. this morning i watched fox’s good day philadelphia traffic and weather on the 9’s and dicovered the r8 was suspended! furthermore, the r7 (which also serves nutty hill) was running 30 minutes behind.

i walked across town to the r7 and hoped for the best. the wait wasn’t too terribly long, but the train grew very crowded. then it stopped at market east and they announced: “this train is now an r1 expres to the airport.”


i’m not very familiar with the r lines yet, and had no idea where an r1 express would go. i got off the train to ask if they would stop at 30th street. the conductor said yes. when i tried to turn around and hop back on, a very nasty lady literally pushed me back and said “we’ve been waiting!” fair enough, nasty lady, but keep your hands to yourself.

i went to the back of the line, re-boarded the train, and we all waited a good ten minutes at market east. then another few extra minutes at suburban where the conductors switched shifts.

then, the r1 express turned out to be a local (this train has a serious identity crisis). i took it down to university and walked to work. i arrived one hour and ten minutes late. at least i made it and didn’t have to take the never-ending, uncomfortable 23 bus.

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  1. Andrea (unregistered) on June 29th, 2006 @ 12:51 pm

    Some of the R’s turn into R1’s by the time they get to Center City, I think the R2 Warminster is the train most likely to continue on to the airport instead of turning into the R2 Newark, which is what one would expect. But yeah, the R1 stops at all 3 center city stations, plus U City and Eastwick before running on to the airport stations. And people waiting to get on the train are rarely if ever pleasant to people getting off.

  2. Cory (unregistered) on July 1st, 2006 @ 4:18 am

    I would love to take regional rail, but alas, I have no money.

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