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Cory and suz get bored and talk about the Brett Myers.

This is SportsCenter a joint effort between Cory and suzanne, the only two people who give half a shit about the Philadelphia Phillies.

We have been in intense negotiations over the recent Brett Myers situation. One of the things we, as Phils fans, realize is that very few people care until someone fucks up. And when someone fucks up, most people don’t care anyway. (BOOM!)

Which is why we’re wasting our time talking about this situation! So you don’t have to!

Since we’re actually sitting in the same room, a split post is in order. Cory intends to hit (get it?) the major points about why the Phils acted the way the did (waiting so long to make a statement, not pulling Myers, etc) and what they should have done in the short run. Suzanne is more interested in the long-rung: namely, how the organization should be dealing with any player who is arrested or picked up.

Cory says:
After Brett Myers’ drunken fiasco, the Phils organization did some rather peculiar actions in regards to dealing with Myers. First, they let him pitch the very next day. (Let’s be real, he sucked. Probably the guilt.) Second, the Phils waited a couple days after the ordeal to put out a statement of anything. They put a statement out condoning Myers’ actions and promising that “something” (and we’re not sure what past benching) would have been done. Third, they did not pressure Brett Myers to say anything until he was good and ready. Now, these things add up to Not Good™. The Phillies should have known that the backlash would have hit (no pun intended) hard, especially from women’s’ rights groups. Immediate action should have been taken, in the form of docking his pay, benching him immediately, or even a public slap on the wrist.

But why didn’t they? Simple. They need the pitching. The Phils, at that point, had lost something like 6 straight games, and Myers, being one of their starting aces, was sorely needed to pitch. His nerves the next got the best of him, and he didn’t even go half the game. The Phils dropped the ball (pun not intended again) with this one, but hopefully they learn from their mistakes. And to talk about how they should learn and what they should do in the future…

…suzanne says:
This issue raises a larger problem that I’ve seen other folks chattering about in other parts of the Philadelphia blogosphere; that problem is how the Phillies as an organization should handle any player who gets picked up by the cops.

Instead of moving quickly and doing effective damage control, the organization is scattered and doesn’t have a clear-cut method of dealing with any player who pulls a fast one and gets in trouble with the law. The idea I’m most interested in is pretty simple. If a player gets picked up for any reason, they should be quietly pulled from the active roster until the court settles the situation then the organization can decide if further punishment is necessary. I’m not calling for a player’s pay to be withheld or a media circus; I think a quiet move to wait until the criminal justice system offers some answers is the best for the organization as well as the player. It retains the privacy a player deserves while making it clear that the city of Philadelphia will not be represented by men who cannot find legal ways to amuse themselves off the field.

At this point, I’d settle for almost any sense of cohesive action, but it would make my little heart happy to know that players are encouraged to not break the law and are punished when they do. It seems pretty basic that if you break the law, you lose the privilege of playing. Period. If you want to play the game, don’t break the law. Simple. Easy.

Now can we get on it?

If anyone else hanging around actually cares about the Phils, please feel free to add your two cents.

Saturday’s Sunny in Philadelphia

Unless you’ve been away on summer vacation, you’ve noticed that It’s been raining and flooding in the city this past week. It looks like we’re in for another few days of cloudy skies, thunderboomers, and wet shoes, but tomorrow… do my eyes deceive me, or does it really say that Saturday will be sunny and clear? A perfect day for all you can eat ice cream!

Summer Paradox

I just walked in from the lovely outdoors on this fine summer day only to be assaulted by the Siberian frigidness of my office. Turn the A/C down!!!


So this week’s WXPN Live Friday Free at Noon concert is rather on the sold out side; They Might Be Giants has quite a following, it would seem. And their fans like free.

If you’d like to catch the show and you weren’t lucky enough to score those free tickets, you can always listen live online or tune your radio to 88.5FM during your lunch hour.

I’m not so much a TMBG fan, but my loving and caring partner very much is so somehow I have quite a collection of their songs hiding away in iTunes. If I’m awake, I’ll be listening to see if they sing my favorite song (Yeh Yeh).

Welcome to My Neighborhood

In recent years, I haven’t got caught up in all the Welcome America events that take place aorund the 4th of July.

But Matt and I decided to take a lok at the events schedule last night, and there’s something interesting slated for this evening that I’ll be able to stop and see right along my walk home from work:

A Day At The Fair
4:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Rittenhouse Square

Grab your family and follow the stilt-walkers on a journey through July 4th celebrations from 1776 to 2006. Wrap your mouth around a giant Quiznos hoagie and other great food and entertainment to honor our past, celebrate our present and look toward our future while participating in activities that have stood the test of time, including performances by a Dixieland band, storytelling, arts & crafts, and good, old-fashioned carnival games like pie-eating contests, sack races, and tug-of-war.

I’ll be there (although the phallic nature of that Quizno’s description might keep me away from that refreshments stand).

Will you?

$5 all you can eat ice cream for charity!

Fellow blogger Kariyanine asked what he can do this weekend, and I am here to the rescue with a suggestion! I happen to know a few things about the due, so my suggestion is tailored to his question.

This suggestion is only good for people who:

  • have children.

  • like ice cream.

  • have $5.

    You have to be one of the above or this won’t work. Here goes…

    I propose that everyone with an ounce of fun in their bodies make their way to Penn’s Landing this weekend for the first annual Fun4Kids Fest! This shindig is cheap as free and kicks off Friday (that would be today) at 11a with Sunoco Welcome America’s Kids Day and runs until 5p. On Saturday and Sunday, the festivities start at noon and run until 5p with all sorts of themed activities for kiddos. The theme, by the by, is “Back to the Future” and is supposed to transport kiddos and their families through the history of technology and into the future.

    Now, let’s get to the good part, IE why Cory and I will be there. We don’t have babies, and we aren’t kids anymore; but we like ice cream! And we like charity!
    All three days, there will be a Super Scooper Plaza that features all-you-can-eat ice cream for just $5! Five bucks! All you can eat! Ice cream! And maybe Rita’s! The article I linked above has this to say:

    “The Super Scooper All-You-Can-Eat Ice Cream Pavilion will be open each day of this three-day festival. More than 20 different vendors will provide all-you-can-eat ice cream samples. Pavilion hours will be 12 Noon until 5:00 p.m. each day and a $5 donation is required to enter the pavilion. Past vendors have included Ben & Jerry’s, Rita’s Water Ice, Breyers, Wawa and Haagen-Dazs. All net proceeds from the event will benefit the Joshua Kahn Fund to fight pediatric leukemia and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Oncology Division.”

    Oh man oh man oh man. $5 all you can eat ice cream for charity! I’m all about this, dudes. So head up to Penn’s Landing and check out the fun. And ICE CREAM!

  • 2006 NHL Draft: Flyers Review

    In part five of my draft review I will look at the Flyers third round selection center Jonathan Matsumoto. The 19 year old Matsumoto was selected with the 79th pick in the draft and fifth overall. The Canadian weighs in at 6’0″ and 184 lbs. He played last season for Bowling Green University in the Central Collegiate Hockey Association posting 20 goals and 28 assists for 48 points over 36 games. Three years ago Matsumoto became the first player in Bowling Green history to lead the team in scoring as a freshman. This season he finished second on the team and eighth in the country in points. He was ranked 117th among North American prospects by Central Scouting final report.

    Grannies for Peace Brigade

    See these grandmothers who picketed and got arrested outisde a military recruiting center downtown today saying “We insist. Let the grannies enlist” think they’re making a clever political statement now, but I give it another year before they’re actually shipped out.

    Time to Bite, Philly!

    Hey, chill out, people. The free daily isn’t telling us what to do. The full headline is “Time to bite your tongue,” and it features a blog I wish I’d known about whenever a boring day struck.

    Why didn’t anyone tell me about Overheard in Philly? Cuz, come on. Seriously. This blog is about people just like you and me. Only funnier.

    Child on bus: “Momma, Momma, Where you be at? Ma, where you be at!?!?!”
    Mother: “It ain’t ‘where you be at,’ it ‘Where you is.'”

    The site’s filled with this junk! Out of the mouths of you and me. Out of the mouths of our neighbors.

    A blog that is very Philly.

    flooding is gR8

    i tried to combine wit and sarcasm with that subject line; the train line i take is the r8, get it? ah, it’s been a long morning.

    i thought i’d escaped the perils of flooded tracks with a trouble free commute yesterday. no such luck. this morning i watched fox’s good day philadelphia traffic and weather on the 9’s and dicovered the r8 was suspended! furthermore, the r7 (which also serves nutty hill) was running 30 minutes behind.

    i walked across town to the r7 and hoped for the best. the wait wasn’t too terribly long, but the train grew very crowded. then it stopped at market east and they announced: “this train is now an r1 expres to the airport.”


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